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Simple Contact Form


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Hello again,

I've got a new problem. I'm trying to save the message sent as a page so I have "saveMessages" enabled. But when I go to the page I've only got 3 fields on it: Title, creation date and IP address fields. So I guessed that I shoul manually add the others fields in my form to this "simple_contact_form_messages" template, but even after this I'm not able to get the fields from my form populated on the page as a saved mesasge. Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something?

I will appreciate any help! Thanks.


Hello, I just wanted to let you know that it's working now. Not sure what happened. Thanks anyway. Regards.

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It's working now
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17 minutes ago, ank said:


is it possible to "echo" the values of the fields that just were submited on succes ?


Hello @ank 

I think with $input->post('field_name') where you want the fields to show up.

I hope it helps. 

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I'm seriously struggling with a form

is it possible to redirect to a page after send, and still use the submitted fields.

what i want by example on the redirect page is:
IF answers on question1 = "yes" then echo "You answer was YES";
and this for several fields


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you may try echo $input->post['field_optionselect']->title . Or you can do a var_dump($input->post['field_optionselect']) in your template. That will tell you in which format the data is there and how you can access subfields like 'title'.

For using field data  on the redirect page, youcould take the values of the fields and attach them as URL query strings to the redirect URL.

Dummy code

// in the template with your form process the fields from your form
$valueField1 = $sanitizer->text($input->post['field1']);
// send them to the redirect page as url querie strings
$session->redirect("yourredirecturl" . "?field1=$valueField1");
// in the template of your redirect page, you can now get the value
$valueField1 = $input->get['field1'];
// and then do with it what you want


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Hey guys Im new to ProcessWire and I read that ProcessWire community is very active and very helpful! So I'll say thanks in advance! 

Now to the question part. :D 

I am little bit confused of how to properly use this "easy contact form". So I installed the module and no problem with that, added fields and settings through PW admin and use $modules->get('SimpleContactForm')->render() to show the contact form on the page and no problem there as well. The form appears! 

  1. The problem starts with the posts in this thread here... I read that people talk about a "easy_contact_form.php" template file that should be generated in site/template directory. Should it be generated manually or is it generated automatically? I didn't get that part because it is not generated in my case!
  2. Now how do I modify this form? (I mean css and html part...) I read about changing the markup and style properties in options but how does it exactly work? Is there a php file generated after you add the options that you can open later and modify the code? (I hope it doesn't sound stupid because Im not used to working with CMS's)
  3. Plus if I would like to add my own spam filer (for example recaptcha), then where do I do the changes in code? For exapmle the new invisible recaptcha is added to the submit button, so where can I get to the code where the submit button is generated? Or what is the proper way to do it?

I got this project from a client where I have a big system built on ProcessWire and it has been very tough for me to make sense about everything that has been done by previous developer (no documentation left at all). I have been reading and searching alot to help me get started from somewhere but I tell you guys that so far PW does not seem very beginner friendly. There are not alot of step by step tutorials and if I search for examples on some problems then all I find is code snipets without any explanation where to use this code... Here as well all of the post give some code and talk about fixing code parts, but where exactly is the code used seems to be a common knowledge to everyone. It would be great if there would be at least one exaple page with all the files and code necessary for a beginner to scroll through and make some logical sense about how stuff works. But all in all its great to see that there is this community here that work to improve this open source CMS platform. :)

Anyway hopefully nobody gets mad at what I wrote! Not ment to offend anyone! ;)

So yeah I would appreciate if someone can point me in the right direction, at least what to read or where to find good tutorials etc. 


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  1. No template file needed. This is obsolete.
  2. Please read the following part of the documentation: How to overwrite classes and markup
  3. You need to hook into the module and add your filter there. Have a look at the following documentation part: Add custom validation

Hope this will be helpful, otherwise please let me know how to improve the documentation parts. Sorry, I have no time at the moment to answer more detailed ???.

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Thank you for the quick reply! I will read the doc you provided. Ill try the hook part next. It looks that Im getting the hang of modifying the Markups and Classes. Takes time and trial/error to make it perfect, but form is taking the shape I was looking for.

About how to improve the doc... hmmm... Maybe add some extra descriptions about how Markup and Classes array creates content (or at least add a link to the documentation where it is already explained) that would definitely help complete beginners like me. :) You get the hang of it while testing but if you are novice like me then maybe some reading material would be useful. For example describe each part of the array, like the meaning or implementaion of {attrs} and {out}. I now understand how they work and a lot of people would say that its basic knowledge but sometimes it saves alot of time if the documentation is as detailed as possible... IMO at least :) It could save your time as well because I see alot of repeated questions in this post. So if there is enough information in Module documentation then you dont have to "waste" your time on repeated answers. ;)

Im going to be working with this Module for few days so If I see parts that are confusing I will try to think of a way to make it less confusing. :P

Anyway great job with this Module! You made alot of peoples life easier!


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Hi again!

Is there any way to translate submitButton Text?

I mean like, according to what language is selected... In FormBuilder there is a place where you can assign submitButton text to different languages that are used on website...


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I did read the readme file... and I understood how to change the buttonText, but what I did not know was the ProcessWire way of translating (as I said before I'm completely new to PW). Now I know! Thanks! ;)

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Simple Contact Form and Template Cache?

Hey all,

thanks again for this wonderful module. How can i manage my forms with template cache turned on? You will get an internal server error.
Respectively what has to be written in the post variables?

best regards

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@justb3a Hi, could you or anyone please help me out? I have two issues to solve:

#1 I have a Select Options Filedtype in the form called scf_enquirytype. By using %scf_enquirytype% in the Email Message settings, I get the ID of the filed not the Title. Is there any way to get the Title instead?

#2 After successfully posting the form, the page is reloaded but my form – consequently the success message too – is at the bottom of the page, and the reloaded page starts at the top, so the message cannot be seen without scrolling manually to it. Is there any way to solve this? Eg. by jumping to an anchor placed before the success message? Maybe with the AJAX option I could solve it, but I do not really need the AJAX option this time.

Thanks in advance,

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#1 Do not use the email message textarea in module settings, write your own using php and access the title as you 're used to.


$emailMessage = file_get_contens('https://url/to/message.php'); // or include partial etc.
$modules->get('SimpleContactForm')->render($array('emailMessage' => $emailMessage));


#2 Just pass an action parameter as option: 

$modules->get('SimpleContactForm')->render($array('action' => './#anchor'));


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