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  1. Yes this solved my problem, Thanks @Autofahrn!
  2. When i try to move a existing website back to local development on VHX (VirtualHostX) i get a error message: Couldn't find "config.php" in /var/www/webank.vhx.cloud/site/config.php. the path isn't correct, "/var/www" does not apply here, can i change this ?
  3. You have to enable the Analytics API in the Google console
  4. I have the same problem with Mamp. Has someone already a solution to make it work with mamp ?
  5. Hi everybody, i am looking for a way to "mark" only one image in a imagesfield with multiple images, so i can request it on the homepage. I am making a collection of pages with images and on the home page i want to display one image out of every childpage (not the first image of every child) "I have been thinking on a switch next to the images so that i can "mark" the image, only one image in the imagesfield can be "marked" Any ideas how to archive this ?
  6. ank

    video upload

    I check this out, seems very suitable ! Thanks
  7. ank

    video upload

    @maxf5 and @adrian thank you FieldtypeVideo seems the easiest way, but i want to "autoplay" and "loop" the movie, so i think the "file" field option is the most suitable. Ank
  8. ank

    video upload

    Hello I am looking to use html5 video, Is there a way to upload video files (mp4) in processwire ? Thanks Ank
  9. ank


    Thanks @horst, i knew it was possible in the backend, but i was wondering if it was simple to do it dynamicly.
  10. ank


    Is there a way to set the reply address ? ->reply("xxx@xxx.xx") ?
  11. @gebeer thank you, i try this
  12. I'm seriously struggling with a form is it possible to redirect to a page after send, and still use the submitted fields. what i want by example on the redirect page is: IF answers on question1 = "yes" then echo "You answer was YES"; and this for several fields Regards
  13. Thanks @Victor this works, but how do i echo a value of a "Select Options Fieldtype" ? https://processwire.com/api/modules/select-options-fieldtype/ i tried this, but it doesn't work $input->post('field_optionselect->title')
  14. Hello, is it possible to "echo" the values of the fields that just were submited on succes ? Thanks.
  15. I'm thinking of buying FormBuider, but first i want to know if i can use it for my needs. I checked the features of FormBuilder and found these: Send an auto-responder Conditionally email form submission to different people based on field values Display a success message, redirect to another URL or pull text from another page to display after form submission but i want to know, if its possible combine these to: redirect to a page that displays content based on (different) fields values just submitted from the form? or auto-respond a email based on the field values. example: if $formfield1="elephant" -> echo "your choice was an animal" if $formfield2="blue" -> echo "you selected a blue elephant" ... Thanks
  16. The Google api console is changed, in follow the installation instructions, but because some things are changed is there probably a setting i in the API console i missed. The Analytics API is activated in the API console. In the module in processwire i can autenticate, but see only older projects i made in the api console, not the new just activated project.
  17. a need 2 different forms, how can i exclude a field in one form ? i want to render a second form without the field "message", while i need this field in the first form.
  18. ank

    Import users

    is possible to import a list of users (.csv ?) into processwire or an other way to import users in place of input them one by one ? Thanks, Ank
  19. Hello is there a way to make some fields required ?
  20. thanks for the advise, i will try with the solutions here above, i am a front end developer so this is difficult for me. But mayby is it better to have a button (in the back-end) after the pagename, next to the buttons 'edit', 'view' ... to send an email that the page is updated. Is this possible ? So the page can be viewed first before a email is send.
  21. Is it possible to have in inputfield so users can leave there adress and receve an e-mail when the site is updated ? Can i store the email addresses in processwire ? Is this possible ? Any ideas how to do that ? How do i send the email ? I can make a page in Processwire but how to send it ? Beter would be that this is fully automaticly, just send an email with the link to the new page. Is this possible with Processwire ? Thanks Ank
  22. ank

    Form Builder

    Is it possible with Form Builder to send a mail based on input of the form: When the user fills the field "interests", and submit the form, the user receives a mail based on his interest. Example: when the visitor fills in "car" a mail is send with a car, when he fills in "bike", a mail with a bike, ... (Is it possible to send the results based on html based mail templates ?) thanks, Ank
  23. I am a frontend developer working with processwire. A client is asking for a webshop, how difficult is it to get "mollie" (https://www.mollie.com/en/developers) working with PadLoper for a frontend developer. I see there are allready diffrent modules available (https://www.mollie.com/en/modules) but not for PadLoper. Ank.
  24. I have already used a previous version of this module, now i have created a new website and everything works to authorize but i can't select an Account, this dropdown is empty (while have 3 diffrent accounts that are working on other older sites where the module still uses the "Google Analytics Account Id" field) What am i doing wrong? Thank you. *** Solved, forgotten to enable the Analytics API
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