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Anyone tried Cashie Commerce


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I was wondering if anyone has tried Cashie Commerce: http://cashiecommerce.com and particularly if anyone has attempted integration with ProcessWire?

It seems as though Cashie are trying to compete directly with Shopify, offering more competitive pricing and unlimited SKUs. I have heard that Shopify has a very good API from a number of people now and am wondering if Cashie's is anywhere near as good?

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Greetings raydale,

It's always good to consider another e-commerce application.  Cashie looks interesting.

I like Shopify, but I agree that the pricing structure can be a little confusing for some clients.  And another factor would be how easily it integrates with ProcessWire.

My favorite system at the moment is FoxyCart, but I will definitely give Cashie a closer look.

Thanks for sharing!


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