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Importing data - skip duplicate records


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I'm importing data from an external system into ProcessWire. Each of the imported records have a unique ID. How might I use the unique ID to prevent duplicate records in ProcessWire?

What I want:

  • When importing data
    • find the foreign record ID
    • use it to check for duplicates
    • if a duplicate record is detected, skip it
  • import data into ProcessWire by creating a page in /import/
  • continue to next record
  • ProcessWire: Later I'll move each page to another location
    • ...  meaning that '/import/' will be empty the next time, I run an import job

Looking into possible solutions:

  • Unfortunately, ProcessWire Unique Text Fieldtype doesn't do the trick. (ProcessWire Unique Text Fieldtype will allow the page to be created - only the field with a duplicated field value will be blank. In my case, the duplicate record needs to be blocked / *not* created.)
  • Could it be solved by modifying the code for ProcessWire Unique Text Fieldtype?
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Why just not create a text field like 'externa_id' and then check it while import like

foreach ($import_records as $import_record) {
    $exists = $this->wire()->pages->has("template=some-template, external_id=" . $import_record['unique_id']);
    if($exists) {
        // update
    } else {
        // create a new page


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