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Field dependency on field within repeater based on field outside of repeater?


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I've just hit a scenario where I have a particular field (within a repeater) that I'd like to set up a field dependency for, so that it shows only if an option from a page reference field (that sits outside of the repeater) is selected.

Simply using the fieldname=value approach doesn't seem to work. I'm assuming that this is because the field in question is inside a repeater and can't access information from the fields that sit outside of it?

I tried using the following without luck. To be honest I was just guessing at this point.

  • page.fieldname=value
  • forpage.fieldname=value

There's other ways that I can set up my template, but I was just curious if there was missing a trick somewhere?

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37 minutes ago, 999design said:

@MarkE Thanks

I think that would work within a frontend template but I don't think I can write it like that in the "Show if" dependency field settings. It seems a little bit more limited.

There may be some ideas here 


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