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One of our clients, an art fair, uses the formbuilder plugin to gather applications from artists.

Artists fill a form with a pdf of their work in order to apply.

As one of the artists complained, the problem is that their file (managed by the formbuilder plugin) is public and referenced by Google.

The url looks like "https://www.../form-builder/?view_file=...".

Is there a way to protect the file or a least prevent it being referenced by Google ?

Thanks !


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I realized we still need this form-builder special url access to share files among the team and non-admin members.

A good solution would be the possibility to change the auto-generated url suffix (sequence of letters and numbers)...

Looking into it.

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Solved it by changing the hash functions in site/modules/FormBuilder/FormBuilderMain.php, thus invalidating old urls from working.

A configuration for this hash could be exposed directly from the admin, useful to reset access to hundreds of files without erasing them.

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After all that,  I still don't understand how the "https://www.../form-builder/?view_file=..." form builder url could end up being referenced by Google.

It's an url generated by form builder, so it can't be crawled by Google bots (even in the situation in which "Files Path" is not configured correctly with a private folder)...

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