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Still thinking about this frequently. Still reaching no satisfying conclusions.

Lately I'm leaning towards a solution that completely avoids HTML altogether - I came across this Markdown editor, and really like the concept:


The problem with this, is there's no server-side (PHP) version of this otherwise excellent, fast, very complete Markdown implementation. Would rather not depend on Node for this. Would rather not have to port and maintain the whole thing. Wonder if js2php would run it, but the project has been unmaintained for 3 years.

I would like to use this in conjunction with a simple token replacement system - so if you were to type in "{kittens}", the token would appear on a list, from which you'd be able to specify what you want to replace it with. This would have plugins, so you could add image features, a table builder, or other things for which Markdown isn't ideal.

Just thinking out loud here... I'm working on too many other projects at the moment :-)

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