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User role permissions (parent-child relation)


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Hi, first time here.

I've been working on my first site with PW and it has been a pleasure, I'm around 75% of structure and logic completion I think, and polishing some things now.

My question is: I have a parent 'category' page that musn't be editable by the author role, but they must be able to add children 'post page' to the 'category'.

I've been playing with the settings and can just let the author create childs if is able too to edit the parent category, so.. How can I do it?



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Welcome @alanxptm!

There are separate permissions that can be set on the Access tab of each template's settings: View Pages (normally all roles are given this permission), Edit Pages, Create Pages, Add Children. So besides the View Pages permission you would set the permissions as follows for the author role...

category template: Add Children
post template: Edit Pages, Create Pages

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