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  1. The issue is solved and it had nothing to do with ProcessWire. Don't know why apache keeps reseting his <Directory /var/www/> conditions, just need to keep watching on rebooting.
  2. Hi, I have already tried in different ways and many times to migrate but I always have issues at the end. Here's what I have done so far: case 1: 1. Install PW on live server (all normal) 2. Import local DB into live DB 3. Front page site seems to work but I cannot login into admin page case 2 (I'm currently on this stage): 1. Copied all files from local to live server 2. Import local DB into live empty DB 3. Front page works, but any other page and admin page are 404 In both cases: - I have changed config.php info accordingly to live server (DB name, DB user and pwd, userauthsalt code) - Uncommented RewriteBase / and RewriteBase /pw/ lines on .htaccess - applied owner and group permissions to www-data for PW location - applied permissions to folders and files accordingly - applied a2enmod rewrite to apache2 on live server and restarted service I have read some posts (Ryan's too) about migration and it seems to me that I'm doing it fine, don't know what it fails- I'm on VMWare machine, Ubuntu Server 18.04, php 7.2, phpMyAdmin 5.0.1 Hope you can help me, thanks in advance
  3. Hi I've been searching through user roles access and system template permissions, but cannot find a way to let a user role to access his own profile page for him to complete or edit his own information. Can I achieve this with role permissions, or is it with something else?
  4. I just needed this again and this time I've found a simple solution.. I was so focused on PW functions instead of plain PHP ? $tmplt = basename($page->template->filename,'.php');
  5. You're right. I was thinking on that too, but got confused because there isn't a description field for each language and the single one didn't save its text. I have checked the box for "disable multilanguage descriptions" at edit field->input and now is working fine.
  6. Well it seems after I've deleted spanish language, the field is unable to save its description field in the page. Already tried to: - delete images, re-add them, write descriptions, save.. Didn't save the descriptions field - delete field from template, delete field from PW, re-create field, add to template, add images with descriptions.. Didn't save the descriptions field Don't know what have I broke or how to fix it.. Do I need to reinstall PW?
  7. Hi Even when it was very intuitive I have read the docs at: https://processwire.com/docs/fields/images/ But still I've been unable to display image descriptions from my testImg field, here's my code: <?php if(count($page->testImg)){ foreach($page->testImg as $image) { echo "<img src='{$image->url}' alt='{$image->description}' />"; echo $image->description; } } ?> This is the output: <img src='/old/site/assets/files/1122/02.gif' alt='' /><img src='/old/site/assets/files/1122/03.gif' alt='' /> And the field in use, don't know if maybe Im not using the correct field for description, but it's the only one I see when clicking an image Edit: I thought that maybe it was because of the second language "Spanish" But I have deleted it, set to language default and still having the same result.
  8. Sadly it didn't work, but I've already changed all the site and template structure so I can find by the single template name. I suppose is the best way, but would like to have the option to find by archive name, as it is an option in the template settings ?
  9. I mean "lvl04-post.php" pages have other Processwire templates, like: cat01-post, cat02-post, cat03-post, etc.
  10. Hi I want to list the latest articles on the site, the articles have multiple templates using the same template php archive. I have tried with: $pages->find('template=lvl04-post, limit=5'); but didn't work. Also, I have read about $template->filename, but don't understando how to use it with find() Articles and parent categories have their own single templates because of role permissions, so I can't just do a normal 'template=name' This is the full code: <?php $posts = $pages->find('template=phpfilename?, limit=5'); foreach($posts as $post){ ?> <a href="<?php echo $post->url; ?>"><?php echo $post->title; ?></a><br /> <?php echo date("d/m/Y", $post->published); ?><br/> <?php echo $post->resume; ?><br/> <?php } ?> Any help is appreciated ?
  11. I didn't thought on that, I've just tried through the user roles page, now works as expected, thanks!
  12. Hi, first time here. I've been working on my first site with PW and it has been a pleasure, I'm around 75% of structure and logic completion I think, and polishing some things now. My question is: I have a parent 'category' page that musn't be editable by the author role, but they must be able to add children 'post page' to the 'category'. I've been playing with the settings and can just let the author create childs if is able too to edit the parent category, so.. How can I do it?
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