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Does anyone here use a LINQ derivative / port for their projects?

Coming from the .NET World, this is one of the things I miss the most when developing in PHP.
Then I came across these 2 projects.

For PHP :

For JS:

Why I chose those 2 over others :


I was wondering if anyone had experience using either one of them AND LINQ in .NET and could share their experiences?

You might wonder why you would use LINQ ? 

The main benefits are better code readability (doing away with if -> then statements),  a unified way of querying data in front and backend (Syntax is SQL derived) and applying paradigms from functional programming (See doing away with if->thens) 

// linq.js - anonymous function
Enumerable.Range(1, 10)
    .where(function(i) { return i % 3 == 0; })
    .select(function(i) { return i * 10; });


// Alternative shorter syntax using default variable names
$result2 = from($categories)
            ->where('$v["quantity"] > 0')
        '$v["id"]', '$v["catId"]',
            "name" => $v["name"],
            "products" => $e


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