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Twilight site profile for ProcessWire 3x


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Hello All ... I just added a new Site Profile ...

It is important that you use the latest version that supports the new Fields => Fieldset in Tab , Fieldset ( Page ) for this time it is version 3.0.83 DEV

A simple profile for quick start new Page ... There are several pages like About Us, Blog, Portfolio, Contact Page ...
The profile is not based on any framework, I just used some css, flexbox, grid, font awesome, and added a simple FlexBox Grid called GRIDLEX ...




Some Screenshots:













In addition, I added 2 great modules:

Tracy Debugger:



Markup Sitemap:




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HI @rafaoski - nice looking site profile - thanks for sharing and for including Tracy! I am curious about the layout of Tracy's debug bar though - is that an intentional change you have made, or is it a side-effect of some site CSS? If the latter, I'd love to know what it causing it so I can properly override it so others don't also experience it.

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Hi @rafaoski - I think maybe I didn't explain myself properly. I was wondering why it looks like:


and not:



10 hours ago, rafaoski said:

I have disabled the Privacy Policy and I have not noticed this error

Sorry, what privacy policy and what error are you referring to?


5 hours ago, rafaoski said:

I checked how to add to Tracy css so that in the future there were no problems and probably enough to give a high index of this element:

If you are having z-index issues, please take a look at the "Staring Z-Index for Panels" setting in the Tracy config settings. That is the best way of taking care of those issues if you are having any. By default the Tracy core sets panels to 20000, but I found this put panels over the top of PW submenus in the admin which was annoying, so I changed the default setting to 100 but made it configurable if you are having issues on the frontend of your site.

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Hi @adrian ... I noticed a problem with the information of Cookies that overshadowed some of the Tracy Debugger components and changed them, i thought that was exactly what it was.This screenshot I made using Easy Screenshot which changes the resolution while the screenshot it finished. I'll change this Screenshot  to better which will show the bottom of the Tracy Debugger. Usually everything is fine.

Screenshot taken with a lightshot:



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Thanks for the follow up and explanation about Easy Screenshot messing with the debug bar layout.

One final question for you - it looks like there is a layout issue on the panel selector - the time for the Captain hook panel has moved down one row and all the others have followed. Does this always happen? I have never seen that before - it would be good to fix if I could figure out why it's happening for you.

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@adrian On the browser Firefox something does not play and on Chrome shows correctly:
Dump with Chrome:


In the Mozilla most likely the error causes the rule below which I checked in the inspector in the blue frame  I turned off or changed to normal and is ok


It works for me in Mozilla:

#tracy-debug-panel-PanelSelectorPanel fieldset div label {
    white-space: normal;
#tracy-debug-panel-PanelSelectorPanel fieldset div label {
   /* white-space: normal; */

I just commented this line code on the module in style.css on line number 293 and it works correctly ( You just have to refresh the module ):

#tracy-debug-panel-PanelSelectorPanel fieldset div label {
    width: 300px !important;
    /* white-space: nowrap; */
    border-bottom: 1px solid #e4e4e4;
    -webkit-column-break-inside: avoid;
    page-break-inside: avoid;
    break-inside: avoid-column;


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Thanks for checking into that so thoroughly. I don't remember why I had "nowrap" in there, but it certainly doesn't seem to be needed. Maybe it was needed in one of the older layouts I had. Anyway, I have removed it and it will appear in the next version.

Thanks again!

PS - there are some very long times for some of those panels - is that your local dev setup, or a shared server?

Sorry, we are getting so OT here.

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No problem, I thank you for the help, because so many times I have read your helpful answers in the forum.

As for the server, this is the local Environment Laragon (I used to have a problem with xamp and bernhard recommended it )

I got from here:


I probably need to set it up better, but for me It works much better than xampp or wamp

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Hey, @rafaoski I just stumbled across your kindly shared profile and decided to give it a try to check what other approaches I could borrow from the PRO's to make my life easier and the code beautiful. So I grabbed a fresh copy of PW 3.0.85 and put your profile in the default server folder. Created a local DB for the test and then browsed the installer. I can see every profile but yours on the list. I know I could upload the SQL and manually place the folders, however, would you know of any reason why the profile would not show during the install? I really like the Markup Regions approach and would be nice to play a bit with it to get used to that. I am also looking into the delayed output to mess around but one step at a time :)

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Hi and thanks @MilenKo ...  I've just tested on version 3.0.85 and installed the profile without any problems ...
I do not know if you have unpacked catalog correctly in the installer folder ...
A while back I added a simple tutorial on how to install profiles and maybe this simple tutorial will help you:


I also recommend you this profile:

Which I recently added and is based on Spectre.css ... I think you should also like it ... It is very simple and clean ...

You may have trouble with CHMOD access rights if you use Linux or Mac locally, but I'm not sure because I installed the profiles on the Laragon test environment as well as ordinary shared hosting ...
Maybe these links will help in something:


A simple example for files and folders:


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Hello @rafaoski . For my test environment, I use OpenServer under windows, so it has no issues with the permissions (windows is not that tight as the Unix environment is). So far I've installed several profiles and it was working, however only with this one, I am not able to see it. What I did was to place the latest copy of ProcessWire and then copy your profile folder and files in it to the root of my domain. Then I fire up the installer and am seeing any other profile, but yours. Will try again and see what would happen.

Thank you for the suggestions and links. Will try the other profile as I will be soon on paternity leave for a while so should have some spare time for my learning curve ;)

Edit: All works fine now, by redownloading the profile and extracting it to the root folder. Now I will start the exploration and learn something new. If someone has a similar issue, feel free to try to re-download the profile, maybe extract it with a different extractor if you use anything out of the built-in windows.


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@rafaoski, I tried to install another profile of yours - site-bs4-master and it appears promptly in my PW 3.0.85 installation. So something else is happening and I do not blame the profile in no way, there is something else. It happened to me as well once I was exporting an old profile, I could not find it listed on the list during install. I even tried to move my files to the Default profile that was visible promptly, however, the install failed.  

Will test with your server out of curiosity to see how would that show the profile.

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