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How get Pageimage object of PageArray from "Page" (PageArray) field type


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Good Day!

I am a beginer of processwire project. Thanks developers for your great work. this CMS is very Good!

I have a question: how get Pageimage object of PageArray from "Page" (PageArray) field type?

I have too tamplates: affiliates and their teachers. The template of affiliates have a field "teachers_list" wich is "Page" (PageArray) type.

When I vaffiliate teachers in a cycle, I can not access the teacher photo object and change its size.
I get an error returning: " Fatal error: Call to a member function maxWidth() on null ".
When i trying get URL attribute : $teacherItem->teacher_photo->url, i receive message: " Trying to get property of non-object ".
But this code works: $teacherItem->teacher_photo["url"].
The print_r function outputs the following information: "ProcessWire \ Pageimage Object ([changes] => Array ([0] => formatted) [hooks] => Array ([Pageimage :: pim2Load] => PageImageManipulator02-> getPageImageManipulator02 () in PageImageManipulator02.module ) [Data] => Array ([basename] => p16.jpg [description] => .... - ..... [tags] => [formatted] => 1 [modified] => 1487079115 [created ] => 1487079115))".
my PHP code:
foreach ($page->teacher_list as $teacherItem):
    $out .= "
              <td class=\"alignTop\">
                /* !!! my truble */
                <img src=\"{$teacherItem->teacher_photo->maxWidth(250)->url}\" />                                
                /* !!! my truble */
              <td class=\"alignTop\">
                <div class=\"teach_style12\">
                <div class=\"teach_style9\">

Please, help me. Where is my error?


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