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Auto Complete for Atom


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I am not sure how many established ProcessWire users use the Atom IDE, but since it is free, works on linux, and has the features I like, I decided to install it. It is a very nice and comfortable interface. It would be nice to have the advanced.js provider reference the ProcessWire API directly so that users are always up to date.

There are a vast number of similar IDEs, and I don't suggest that ProcessWire 'endorse' any particular one. However, I do think that having such plugins available for a few can only add to the attraction of ProcessWire.

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Why not use an IDE instead of a text editor? 
Any IDE (at least PHPStorm) should analyze and index the core, your code and autocomplete to correct members of classes with close to zero configuration. PHPStorm, combined with functions api (set $config->useFunctionsApi = true inside config.php), is a godsend in this regard.
Since Atom is just an advanced text editor, it (presumably) does not analyze your code, so it just autocompletes depending on what you write inside that file, (and not even inside the project). Using Atom to do an IDE's job is way over its head.

Please correct me if I'm wrong, I'm extrapolating from my experiences with VS Code and Sublime Text, both of which are nowhere near an IDE. 

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