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Page rootParent override

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I'm trying to create tests using PHPUnit, and I have the following method:

protected function _getRootItems(Page $currentPage)
        /** @var Page $page */
        foreach (wire('pages')->find("has_parent!=2,id!=2|7,status<" . Page::statusTrash . ",include=all") as $page) {
            if ($this->_isActivePage($page) && $page->parent_id == 1) {
                $output[$page->sort] = [
                    'id' => $page->id,
                    'title' => $page->title,
                    'url' => $page->url,
                    'template' => $page->template->name,
                    'isActive' => $page->id == $currentPage->rootParent->id,
                    'children' => []


        return $output;

I want to write a test for this method in PHPUnit. I end up with the error: Trying to get property of non-object

This is because $currentPage->rootParent is null.

My test looks like this:

public function testGetRootItems()
        $mock = $this


        $page = $this

        $rootParent = $this
        $template = $this

        $template->name = 'name of the template';

        $rootParent->id = 1;
        $page->template = $template;
        $page->id = 2;
        $page->rootParent = 'hierzo!';


        $method = $this->__getReflectionMethod('_getRootItems', $mock);


I've already tried to override the rootParent with it's method (___rootParent), tried setting it directly ($page->rootParent) but so far nothing worked. I probably miss something really simple here.

I know that in my example, I set the value to a string. But the result of the var_dump below it is still NULL. I also tried setting it using $page->rootParent = $rootParent, this had no effect.


So my question: How can I possible override this rootParent variable?

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kixe    809

You can set the parent, but not the rootParent.  RootParent is determined on the base of the pages parent. Method rootParent() is a getter and not setter.
Yes, you are able to modify the rootParent with a hook. But the hook option is not meant to change the rootParent and NOT the parent. (which would result in unexpected conflicts).

Solution: change the parent.

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