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I've noticed that the website runs over SSL, but i also noticed that visiting the websites over http still works, and once using the insecure version the links are also relative pointing to non-ssl links.

As a fix there could possibly add an auto redirect to the HTTPS site? This could potentially then take advantage of HTTP/2 speed.



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Auto https does have the disadvantage, that as soon as there's some issue with the certificate the site is essentially down, even though it's running fine via http. As is mostly running with guest users and mostly there to supply public information I'm not sure it that's worth the hassle to disallow http.

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SSL everywhere. Google is pushing HTTPS sites up in their results now. should we all be using HTTPS? and are you now and how?!

also this was a great wake up call for me:

For me I'm using Digitalocean and Serverpilot and it was a matter of enabling the Let's encrypt script so supppppppper easy (full disclosure, those two links have affliates)

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