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Profile export timed out due to the size


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I'm trying to export a large site but the export profile  module keeps timing out due to the size of the installation its trying to export (around 1500 pages - half with body content). Is there any work around or is it worth simply duplicating the site and files without using teh export profile module?


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Do you know if there is a high setting allowed for timeout on this host?

If so, you may try to temporarily add a line into your site/templates/admin.php (before the controller.php)

$timeLimit = 60 * 15;   // sec * min  <= adjust to your needs


In general, you also simply can copy all files to a new location. You then will need a mysql dump too. If you have no other tool at hand, you simply can install the PW module ProcessDatabaseBackups, before you do the copy. Create a full backup from within the PW admin, before you copy the files. The backup can be found under site/assets/backups/ database/...


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