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Multiple Search in template


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i am trying to search page with multiple options like, 
i have one select box where i can select multiple items as

<select id="tokenize" name="tokenize" multiple="multiple" class="tokenize-sample" />

i have GET form and when i submit the form i get values like


now in my search page

$children = $pages->find("template=property, Ad_Type=".$ptype." ,Area=".$tokenize);

as you can see i have passed multiple values of tokenize, how can i search page contains all values ?




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Hi, maybe you could pass your variables as Array. 

You should name your select

<select name="tokenize[]" >

Then when you receive it, create an "OR" type of condition for the selector, using a foreach to iterates over it, or maybe a function.

$customOrSelector = implode("|", $_GET['tokenize']);

And finally, apply it to your query:

$children = $pages->find("template=property, Ad_Type=".$ptype." ,Area=".$customOrSelector);


Hope this help.


NOTE: Don't use this example in a production environment, is not safe to use variables directly from $_GET or any other user input without sanitize them.

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