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Found 2 results

  1. Hello guys, I am building a sort of an archive. Relatively simple, although I have about 8000 records, each with 15 fields (text, int, images, url). I created a crude search system with a form (emulating the famous Skyscrapper example) to filter through the system. Everything works but it is quite slow... I have 2 questions which are related: 1. How can I search through the database? 2. What is a good practice to display many records like these? ----------------------------------------- 1. I am retrieving the results with $songs = $pages->findMany('template=nk-song'); Then I do a foreach to render them all. I am unsure if that is a good way. If I render all of them on the page, it creates thousands of divs with a bit of text, and this can take a while (10s-15s). 2. This one is even worse :D as every time I retrieve my desired records with something like this: $page->find("field_to_search_through~=my_query_string") I get between 20 and 200, but when I render them I am creating iframes with YouTube videos and that can take up to 10s to finish. I "solved" it by only loading the iframes if they are in view with IntersectionObserver on the client-side. But I feel there is a more precise PHP / ProcessWire approach. Just to clarify, I started doing all of this custom rendering and querying because tools like ElasticSearch or SearchEngine were a bit complicated and I needed a simple to retrieve information and then display it in my own way. Thank you!
  2. Hi everone. I've searched the forum to find a solution to my problem, but so far nothing did the trick for me. So here's the issue: I've created a repeater called "news" and it's used on several overview pages (working perfectly). Now, on the home page, I want to show the latest 10 news, and I figured you can do this like this: <? foreach($pages->find("template=repeater_news, sort=-modified, limit=10") as $news): ?> <li><a href="<?php echo $news->getForpage()->url ?>"><img src="<?php echo $news->getForpage()->icon->url ?>"><span><?php echo $news->text_primary ?></span><br><?php echo $news->getForpage()->title ?> - <?php echo date('d/m/Y g:i a', $news->modified) ?></a></li> <? endforeach; ?> That works fine on my localhost, but as soon as I access the page via IP (like externally), the list stays empty. The same problem happens on my search page (when searching news). "Normal" pages don't seem to have the problem. Can anybody help me? Cheers and thanks
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