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  1. Thanks guys. I imagined I missed something like that . Cheers, benbanderas
  2. Hi everone. I've searched the forum to find a solution to my problem, but so far nothing did the trick for me. So here's the issue: I've created a repeater called "news" and it's used on several overview pages (working perfectly). Now, on the home page, I want to show the latest 10 news, and I figured you can do this like this: <? foreach($pages->find("template=repeater_news, sort=-modified, limit=10") as $news): ?> <li><a href="<?php echo $news->getForpage()->url ?>"><img src="<?php echo $news->getForpage()->icon->url ?>"><span><?php echo $news->text_primary ?></span><br><?php echo $news->getForpage()->title ?> - <?php echo date('d/m/Y g:i a', $news->modified) ?></a></li> <? endforeach; ?> That works fine on my localhost, but as soon as I access the page via IP (like externally), the list stays empty. The same problem happens on my search page (when searching news). "Normal" pages don't seem to have the problem. Can anybody help me? Cheers and thanks
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