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Selector and accents


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In my search page, I used a selector like this :

$searchQuery = $sanitizer->entities($input->get('q'));
$searchQuery = $sanitizer->selectorValue($searchQuery);
$selector = 'title|subtitle|summary|html_body_noimg~=' . $searchQuery;
$matches = $pages->find($selector);

I don't have the same results if $searchQuery contains accent or not.

For example,

  • with « bâtiment » I have no result
  • with « batiment » I have onea result : « Les bâtiments et les smart-city »

Normally I should have the same results? How can I do that ?

Thanks for your help

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1 hour ago, sebr said:

$searchQuery = $sanitizer->entities($input->get('q'));

This line is the problem. It is messing up the selector string (see screenshot below). $sanitizer->entities is for entity encoding a string for output ( i.e. output to your page). What we want here is for input, hence $sanitizer->selectorValue should be enough. Remove the entities sanitizer (or use $sanitizer->text in its place to remove HTML) and you should get same results:

sanitized selector






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