Selectfield values from Form to Page fields randomly refusing to save

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Hey Guys!

I ran into some really strange behavior when trying to save selected Selectfieldtype values

from a form to a select field in a page. I have three different dropdowns in this page, all

with different values and they randomly get saved en sometimes they don't. 

This is my setup:

Form                                                       Page:

Dropdown a:                                           Dropdown a:

-                                                               - V

-                                                               -

- V                                                            -

Dropdown b:                                           Dropdown b:

-                                                               - V

-                                                               -

- V                                                            -

Dropdown c:                                            Dropdown c:

-                                                               -V

-                                                               -

- V                                                            -

I have no idea what is causing this since it happens completely randomly,

does anybody have any ideas? Like, would it make more sense to only use

a text field on the page side to recieve the value? and if so, why?

Thanks in advance :)



PS: In the screenshot you can see the three filters that pick up the dropdown values and

show the entries that are equal to the filter. And you can see the dropped values in the


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The select fields I was using on the page seemed to want to use a single non-spacing term of word as a identiefier object,

and the second as value. I only inserted one value per line, with breaks, and those were the ones that did not work.

I solved this by changing the fields on my page to text fields which contain the value supplied by the select field from the

form. And I think I could have doen it by inserting the value after for example: 1:=Value One.

Hope this might help somebody one day :)

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