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Christopher Todd Studios Website

Jonathan Lahijani

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It's been an extremely busy last few months for me, but I finally managed to launch Christopher Todd Studios:


I'm using my go-to frontend approach, which is based off of Sage.

Some frontend packages I'm using include:

  • Bootstrap SASS
  • Animsition for the page transitions
  • Slider Revolution for the home page slideshow (using the Ken Burns effect)
  • Slick Carousel for the portfolio slideshows (with the lazy loading feature enabled... very important)
  • Ekko Lightbox for the video modals
  • Headroom.js for the navbar hide/show interaction
  • jQuery Lazyload for other image lazy loading (like the blog)
  • MatchHeight for some areas that need matched heights
  • ResponseJS for loading content when a specific breakpoint is hit (rather than it being loaded but hidden, which is bad for performance and sloppy; very important)
  • Linearicons

I wrote the slideout navigation menu myself.  Just some CSS and JS.

My goal was to make sure this site is fast and doesn't feel clunky.  I feel it has met that objective especially with the performance and optimizations that have been done (there's still a few I will eventually get to and squeeze out even more performance).

In terms of ProcessWire modules being used:

  • FormBuilder is being used and it's submitting results to Tave, which is a lead management system.  FormBuilder made this easy with its 'Send duplicate copies to to another URL or 3rd Party Service' feature.
  • Image Extra
  • Social Share Buttons
  • Page List Image Label
  • Hannacode

The original site was based on WordPress and had many blog articles.  Using Ryan's great writeup, I imported all the posts into ProcessWire.  The blog setup is self made and inspired by the Blog Profile (not using the blog module).  The original site also didn't have permalinks enabled in WordPress, so I wrote some code to capture the necessary URL variables and forward them to the correct page so that old links are maintained, which is also good for maintaining SEO.

The client loves ProcessWire and its simplicity.

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