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RayDale Multimedia - a case study

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Thanks a lot for this tutorial. I'm a PW newbie (coming from MODX), and naturally, every piece of real-life examples and how-tos are welcome.

I have one question:

How exactly was this accomplished? In the admin section, did you create a text-input and just entered other page ids?

Or to put it in other words: Is there a special input-field that lets you select one or more PW pages? (radio buttons, select field, checkbox or whatever).

Hi Dragan,

I simply used built in page reference fields and the PW API. I'm on a mobile right now. Let me know if you need more info.

Thanks for the compliment boundaryfunctions, I agree on the case studies, definitely need more on here. I've been meaning to write a couple more when I get a chance.

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Thanks for your feedback. In the meantime, I've learned a lot. I've already used the Inputfield type "page" a lot :-)

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Hats off RayDale - very impressive. No one has ever before written about the guts of processwire

so sharp and so clear.

On top of that you have put it in context with 2 main cms players drupal and wordpress and that increases the contrast of the whole picture even more !!

This post should be put somewhere in the forum fixed and locked (Ryan) Let's not forget about newbies entering this forum repeating the same questions over and over. For them this post is an absolute must read and a real question and time saver.

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There's only 3 threads in this particular board, so no worries about this thread getting lost. But I totally agree it deserves to be highlighted. I've gone ahead and pinned it so it always stays at the top. That way when this board grows, nobody will miss this thread. 

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