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Scan and auto tag

Peter Knight

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Hi guys. Just a query - nothing relevant on Google.

I have about 400 blog posts which need tagging and categorising.

I already have a list of about 5 known words I need tagged and applied to each post via pageselect field.

IE cat, dog, fish

Is it possible to somehow scan my 400 posts body field for these cat, dog, fish words, and then auto-tag them?

Just a query at the moment.

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should not be a problem...

somehow like this:

$tag = $pages->get("/tags/fish/");
$poststotag = $pages->find("body*=" . $tag->title);
foreach($poststotag as $post) {
  $post->tags->add($tag); // tags is the name of your pagefield

no working code and surely full of mistakes but i think the principle should work

maybe you have to check if the post is already tagged...

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you could write a simple script using strpos on the body and then add tags conditionally;

you could do it all in 1 go with a script such as that (have done a lot of stuff like that when setting up new sites and importing)

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