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Image tagging with Page field

Peter Knight

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Short version

Can we make the Page fieldtype as the tagging engine for images?

Long version / real example

I started using image tags for the first time after reading making efficient use of fields in PW. There's a part titled 

Use multi-file fields to replace several single-file fields where Ryan mentions tagging.

As I was building a site for an interior designer, I needed an almost identical setup and to tag images with a gallery with "basement", "living room", "garden" and "kitchen" tags.

At one stage, my client wanted "basement" changed to "basement and garden" and I had to manually edit about 15 images. No big deal really but it doesn't seem very scalable.

Having used the Page fieldtype for tagging blog posts and news and experienced how easy it is to make global tag names changes etc, I wondered if the Page fieldtype could be put on the roadmap as the tagging engine for images or at least as an option.

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A trick on such a use case could be using pages for single images...so a pagefield for tagging is  no problem...but it is a other imagemangment like:


or simpler with a little module for creating albums/single imagepages from uploaded files...


(a page could be everything - the image = page has some cons and some pros like counting, cleaner urls...and so on)

but the handling is a little bit difficult - it's always more or less work - for eg. to change the selection to the image-root page on the WYSIWYG PW-Image modal:


Otherwise you could fast change the tags with the api i think? May a little admin form for editors would do the job for chaning regular image tags?

regards mr-fan

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Hey Mr-fan

That occurred to me (pages as single images) and would have a few benefits in this project. I might even go down that route as the portfolio grows.

Was thinking too that I could use Lister pro then as a kind of Images manager. Kind like what Soma is doing with his setup.

Otherwise, I was just putting it out there that it's be a nice idea? Probably not easy or quick to refactor in terms of the core but would be a nice addition.

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