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  1. Hi cstevensjr, I used the hostname. In the error message the hostname is translated to the IP. I tried it with the port behind the IP and also with the port behind the hostname. Both fails. If I try it with the IP it goes into „connection refused”.
  2. Hello, I want to install pw 2.5.29dev on a 1and1 server. The installations goes into Database connection information did not work. and also SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access denied for user 'dboxxxx'@'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' (using password: YES) I tried the parameters with adminer.php and everything works fine. Is there something to tweak in the install.php? Thanks Henning P.S. I have databasename, username, password and servername. No unix-socket-connection.
  3. I've done a site for a big german company. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to say which one. But... they were unsure if ProcessWire will be the right decision. After showing them the scyscrapers example the felt in love with ProcessWire. Maybe it helps to describe the unlimited possibilities which can easily built with ProcessWire.
  4. @nickie I'm also looking forward to see the site. To the end of the year I will share the results of my project – hopefully it will be in a nearly finished state until then.
  5. Thank you very much for all the answers and hints. I will proceed with the project and report later (in a few month) about the result and what I have learned so far from this project.
  6. Hello, I have a question about a recent project. In this project I use PW as framework (really amazing framework) to build a web app. In this app users can login (via pw user, group access) and post something. I think there will be one million posts per year (200 users, each 20 posts per day). Every post is of course a „page”. Do anyone have had any trouble with the database in such cases? Is there anything (database or process wire) to keep an closer eye on? Best Regards Henning
  7. Has anyone a hint how to get this awesome module to work if there is no imagick extension on the server but ImageMagick is available as executable? Could it be possible to write a wrapper for the excution of ImageMagick or am I missing something which is only available by the PHP Modul? By the way ... I want to use it on a managed server from DomainFactory.
  8. In my case it helped to rename the index.php to pw.php. I had the problem that I had to redirect index.php?pageid=1&kategorie=5 to ProcessWire pages. After that I can successful use Antti's plugin.
  9. I use the module for a german page without multi language support. If I remember right you could do it with the Languagefields which processwire offers. If you need images or repeater or something else just name it with the ending of your language... e.g. if your shortname for english is en the you can name it myImage_en. Hope this will be help for you.
  10. Isn't it nessecary to put output formatting (of) from false to true after saving the page (in the case of editing an existing page=?
  11. @pwired Thanks for the advice... one installation is in the intranet and the other is for internet. So there won't be duplicate content. @Horst thanks for the roadmap and the hint. I will try it.
  12. Hello, I have a new project in which people from site A should have the possibility to post a "news" which should automatically appear in site B. I think it's not possible to merge two PW installations by bootstraping site B to site A. Don't ask why both pages are not in the same installation ;-) My idea is to use a hook and post the data via ajax to a script which bootstraps site B. Then I post the data into that installation. To be capable to update the news simultanious in both installations I would use an unique field in both installations which will be the "id". Has anyone some better ideas or hints?
  13. @horst Thanks for the explanation. Maybe it's also ok if you mention the transparency range in your documentation so it's not necessary to change the code ;-)
  14. Hi Horst, your plugin is great and the canvas addition is superb ;-) However ... I have there a little problem with the canvas addition. The call of child->image2->pimLoad('wh',true)->canvas(195,193,array(0,0,0,0.0),"centered",0)->pimSave()->url; returns me the image with a black border. I want it transparent. Is there something I missed? TIA Henning
  15. I prefer for local development an installation of MAMP pro, PHPSTORM, Espresso and BBEdit. With Phpstorm its easy to deploy your local stuff.
  16. I prefer the "combination" of PHPStorm, Espresso and for some little things TextMate/TextWrangler.
  17. There is a GIT project which deals with older IE Versions like 8. I don't know if they go wide behind version 8. https://gist.github.com/zurbchris/5068210
  18. Hello, is there an easy way to implement an individual sitemap (sitemap.xml) for each language?
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