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  1. In Google Webmaster Tools you can actually get an average position of processwire.com for a given keyword.
  2. Great thanks. I figured out changing default.php few minutes ago. It's working for me now. Tried to make this module but I'm getting errors. They are about some classes but it doesn't matter. I have solution to my problem. And since I use Teflon theme, Even PW update wouldn't break it
  3. Hello, I have pretty strange situation. Hosting that I'm working on is forcing ISO-8859-2 encoding. I don't have any real access to it, just ftp to folder where I'm installing a site. None of htaccess solutions worked - have no idea why. The only thing that worked for me was adding header("Content-Type: text/html;charset=UTF-8"); to every template. But ProcessWire backend is still encoded in ISO-8859-2 and messy. How to write module that would add it to every ProcessWire pageload? Or to which PW file and where I need to paste it (probably it will never be updated)? My php skills are really poor. Know only basics that allow me to ingrate processwire to site.
  4. It seems to me that in Candy CMS there's very easy way to get it out. /core/plugins/redactor and Candy CMS has GPLv2 license.
  5. I love this theme and using it every time. Just for the record, firebug shows me one error, not sure if related to theme: "NetworkError: 404 Page Not Found - http://www.website.com/site/templates-admin/scripts/inputfields.js"
  6. Ok, I just rechecked and everything is working fine. So sorry for unnecessary question. I must have been very asleep when messing with it this night. I was doing stupid mistake - cloning a page and wanting to set the same name without moving it in a tree earlier. But if I didn't ask I probably wouldn't check it again. Thanks
  7. I would like to ask if it could be possible for a site with this module to have "the same" pages urls or processwire won't allow it to be made in any way? What I mean by "the same" is domain.com/particular-page and domain.net/particular-page or m.domain.com/particular-page. It would be very useful ie in case of desktop and mobile websites. So I suppose the question is if page in ProcessWire has to have unique Name or we might have got pages with the same names under different "Categories". website.com/race1/first-place website.com/race1/second-place website.com/race2/first-place website.com/race2/second-place ?
  8. So I'll be more careful now. I wanted to make a "name" field, but it was denied so I created "Name" And in this case, till now, it seems to work without any problem. So I was lucky
  9. I am doing this at the moment. Using apeisa's multisite module. m.domain.com is a separate page and has its tree. For redirection of mobile users I use Tera-Wurfl. For SEO purposes remember about canonical URLs. It would be great if every page had redirection to corresponding mobile page, but if someone came back from mobile to desktop version (you should provide such a link), leave him there - I am working on it currently (for someone who is not coder, it's not so easy ). EDIT: diogo was first
  10. So, is it ok to use capital letters in fields' names?
  11. Ok, I found why it was happening. It was because of name of the field. I named it "isNew". When changed to "isnew", everything is working as it should Problem solved
  12. I've just grabbed the latest version from GitHub. Also went back to English language and default admin template and it didn't help. Maybe I'm doing something wrong. But if you wanted to check this out ryan, I can give you admin and ftp access. EDIT: removing this field and adding it again didn't help as well. Do you have any idea what else can I try?
  13. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong, but checkbox field does not save its state. Do you have any ideas why is that happening? PW 2.2.9. I am using this field for the first time. EDIT: I updated to very latest 2.2.9 and checkbox field still does not save its state. I don't know if it changes anything, but mentioned checkbox is part of repeater.
  14. I also had problem with finding another part of this tutorial http://processwire.com/tutorials/quick-start/navigation/
  15. Hello, I can't change Homepage template because I get such an error. Can't save page 1: /: Selected homepage template cannot be used because it does not define access. Do you know what I made wrong? EDIT: I named template home.php and replaced that way. Thanks
  16. Thanks for making polish language pack I found a little problem with it. When it's activated, TinyMCE isn't showing up and here are the errors from Chrome: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Page Not Found) http://process...pl/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE/tinymce-3.4.7/langs/pl.js Failed to load: http://process...pl/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE/tinymce-3.4.7/langs/pl.js tiny_mce.js:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Page Not Found) http://process...pl/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE/plugins/preelementfix/langs/pl.js Failed to load: /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE/plugins/preelementfix/langs/pl.js tiny_mce.js:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Page Not Found) http://process...pl/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE/tinymce-3.4.7/themes/advanced/langs/pl.js Failed to load: http://process...pl/wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE/tinymce-3.4.7/themes/advanced/langs/pl.js Adding polish translation to TinyMCE from this link to /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE/tinymce-3.4.7/ didn't help. What helped was removing the language reference in Setup > Languages > Polish > wire--modules--inputfield--inputfieldtinymce--inputfieldtinymce.json as ryan advised.
  17. Thank you for your patience ryan. That is extremely useful post for me. When 404 will be displayed in above example?
  18. Thanks ryan. So I didn't understand WillyC's code. Sorry for messing. I have to learn how hooks work. I'll probably ask very stupid question, but... does it mean that using this code anywhere "overrides" all the urls for every page and mod rewrite is not needed? mindplay.dk's Template Badges module seems to be exactly what I need. I thought about modyfing admin theme for this purpose but with this I probably will not need to do it. Thanks
  19. Is it possible to remove parts of urls (like "cat/" in joshuag example) without messy hacking every time you use it? so that you could use modules and be sure that urls are this way everywhere? In above example I would want "cat/" part to be non-existent at all and don't need multiple routes but organization in the backend is important. Maybe similar "hack" could be done somewhere in the core? Or maybe organization in the backend could be done differently? Adding some dividers/labels in the tree? Or some kind of second "virtual tree" - so ie when FooterNav field was checked, it would be displayed in second tree. I guess labels or different formatting may be the answer here. I want to create multiple menus.
  20. I'm new to PW and just creating my first website using it, but was courious if I could use SQLite. The reason is deploying websites would be much easier and faster (no database setup required). For small websites it would be perfect, just copy & paste and you are ready. It would then compete with ie GetSimple CMS with simplicity of deployment (that I found about from this forum) but would be much more powerful. And great for having very fast to deploy templates. I believe a lot of people that are creating html templates, having no PHP/MySQL skills, could use it, as it would be so easy and fast to do. Some slogans from other CMSs that could apply to PW then: "add content management to any site in five minutes" "just copy to server and start using" I see that WolfCMS had support for SQLite as a plugin and now it has been bundled with the core. I am not knowledgable about PDO, just read little bit about it, but maybe it would be good idea if it was possible? It would support many databases and be more future proof?
  21. Thanks Ryan, exactly what I needed. Thumbnails - this is the way I wanted it to work, but watching some video it seemed to me that it took thumbnail from the center. Great. So migration is pretty easy - I like that. I have some experience with wordpress, and it is quite hard there when you change domain name. Now I'm learnig php little bit encouraged by ProcessWire elegance and simplicity. Thanks for that framework. When I will have more noob questions, I'll ask here
  22. Thanks. Very interesting thread about templating. I must learn php little bit - ProcessWire actually encourages me to do so Could you show me example code for 2 separate menus? I will try ProcessWire on weekend, don't have enough time now, but how it treats not filled fields in pages? Are there some options regarding that - optional/mandatory fields? Is there possibility to set thumbnails to be resized whole pictures (not only part of it that have to be adapted every time)? How hard it would be to move website to another hosting and another domain? What is the process? Is there some kind of import/export? Thanks again and sorry for my english, jukooz
  23. Hello, I found ProcessWire today when exploring ModX little bit. It's absolutely amazing. I have few questions and I must state that I don't have php skills, but PW seems simple enough to implement without these skills. 1. What is the best way to "split" code for better templating? I mean writing head section only once, footer only once etc. I realize that it may be done in many "good" ways, but how would you prefer it being done? Can they be seperate templates so that I could create reusable building blocks? 2. Can I have "global variables" that I would use in templates but don't want to create separate template or page for? 3. How do you differentiate pages when you have 2 menus on website (how to create page added to second menu only)? How 2 menus play with the tree? I will ask more noob questions soon
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