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  1. @alan - Nothing wrong with ur code .. I tested It inside my "tempaltes/admin.php" - Works Fine
  2. i have the same issue here // Only SuperUser can add new items .. i don't know why ! .
  3. It's Finally Here .. Front-end login, register, profile
  4. I want to remove "Breadcrumbs" From Some Admin Pages .. for example (Modules/Profile) Pages. Aslo: How To Modify Page Headline .. Thanks .
  5. @Erbenos .. Could you please explain how we can configure PW to allow for Blade usage .. i tried to do that but i get errors - i just opened a file inside "Templates" Directory and put: <?php $view->share('foo', 'bar');
  6. How To Show User Actual Name Insteal of "user-name" .. I'm Using "AdminThemeReno" here. .
  7. Thank You @Pete .. I'm so busy too these days, i will stay in touch and post the result as soon as i get it done
  8. @Pete / @Tom. - Thanks - i tried to "RTL" the theme, but i found that it depends on a lot of files in "wire" directory, i don't know if that normal! Any way i will do my best to develop on it..
  9. What is the dev. status of "Admin Theme Uikit" ? Last Commit on github was on May!
  10. Thanx Guys for your help, i will try to do my best .
  11. Hi Everyone, I have built until now two websites using ProcessWire & it's really powerful- the only thing that seems blurry to me is Hooks not as a concept, but i don't know which one to choose and when ?? For example, i tried to change to login redirect URL : So why choosing "___loginSuccess" over "___afterLogin" ? There is a lack of tutorials related to this topic / and docs too
  12. @LostKobrakaiNot specific ones, for example: موسم الهجرة الى الشمال The same phrase in url: example.com/موسم-الهجرة-الى-الشمال - but it redirect me to phpmyadmin !
  13. some words breaks the URL in arabic - i don't know what's wrong ! . $config->pageNameWhitelist = 'abc_.defghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz؟0123456789اأآىإؤءئبتثجحخدذرزسشصضطظعغفقكلمنهة۾ويلا';
  14. Hello PW Lovers! i know that i can edit user template (Profile) and add as many fields as i want, But i wanna know if i can create pages and associate them to users, For Example: what if i have a users system & each user has a profile + custom page with personal info, and any user could edit his own page - Thanx
  15. @Zeka - It didn't show as tabs. The Admin Can View Theme As Tabs, But The User Can't .
  16. Hi Everyone, It's Been a While Since i Started Working With The "Super Lovely ProcessWire" & I Absolutely In Love With It . But, sometimes i feel lost, because the lack of tutorials "Specifically Videos" - i wish there will be more tuts made by the community & from the ones who have The Experience. 1- Regarding to the user profile, is there any way to show fields in Tabs ?? or if there in way to attach pages to user will be fine 2- Markup-Regions : Where i can find the Docs that are Related to them ?? Thanx
  17. I tried to do that too, but it seems not that easy
  18. Twig = PHP .. just with less code / is there any way to use it with PW?
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