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  1. Did any one tried to integrate "WordPress New Editor" into ProcessWire ?? I did some searches and I found this Repo on Github: https://github.com/front/drupal-gutenberg Which allows Drupal Users to use Gutenberg. Any Thoughts ?
  2. @dragan & @louisstephens .. I uninstalled the module and installed from the github as u said, but i can only see version 4 is there any thing else i have to do .. What if i wanna change the "CSS URL" to local, how it should be written ?? .
  3. I wanna know if any one managed to add "Font-awesome 5" to "FieldtypeFontIconPicker" Module. .
  4. @ryan - Thanks a lot for clarifying, because since Day one i know that Processwire is the most secure project on the planet. ?
  5. I'm not a security guy, I don't know - it's all in the screen-shot. (the scan is done by someone else)
  6. I built a website using "Processwire" and i ran a security check using "ZAP Scanning Report" - The Result is : . How to fix this issue ? .
  7. CKEditor 5 v10.0.0 – the future of rich text editing looks stable .
  8. @DaveP Yes, They Didn't Update The Content Yet Unfortunately
  9. MBR international is Sudanese mining company. The company aims to maximize shareholder value by through exploration and Production of precious metal and industrial mineral, MBR international mining subsidiary was established in 2015, engaged in Industrial Minerals and Metals mining and related activities including explorations, extraction and processing. **************
  10. Radio Hala96 FM is a radio service that aims to promote the community through presenting a program map with creativity and thought for all groups. On March 15, 2014, Hala began a live broadcast with a unique programming program that brings you daily on a useful and exciting weekend trip. The Website Is Developed By I&S Group & Powered By The Great ProcessWire & It's Awesomeness That We All Love. .
  11. CKEditor 4.8 comes with plenty of new features - including pasting images from Microsoft Word, clipboard enhancements for Microsoft Edge and a brand new Balloon Toolbar plugin. More On : CKEditor v4.8
  12. I'm Developing an "RTL" Language Website & I Use "AdminThemeUiKit" Which i can RTL Easily, The Problem is With jQuery-Ui CSS Files + Other Core Modules (Each Module Has It's Own CSS Files), What The Best Way To Accomplish What I Want ??
  13. @Macrura - I Fixed It - It Was an issue with "File Including" Order .. Thank You
  14. @Nukro .. Just One Issue, When I Logged-In I Can't Access The Slider URL.. It Redirects Me To Admin Should I Put The Slider Folder Inside "Wire" ??
  15. @Nukro .. You Are A Life Saver .. Many Thaaaaaaaanks
  16. Hi There, I'm Trying To Implement "jQuery-PHP Slider" Called Smart Slider Into ProcessWire Site & Every thing works fine, But I wanna Protect The Slider Page With PW Login,, I wanna use "$user->isLoggedin( )" .. How To Make The Slider Index Page Aware Of PW API ?? .
  17. Personally I got nothing against jQuery, but I was wondering about the future of our beloved ProcessWire ?.. Thanks guys for your thoughts.
  18. Hi Everyone, all around the Internet i see developers advice to not depend on jQuery anymore, (Frameworks & CMS's ) for example: Bootstrap Bootstrap 4 Without jQuery UiKit Uikit 3 Beta-31-released Silverstripe CMS - Silverstripe and many more .. I wanna know what is the situation gonna be with (ProcessWire + jQuery)? Any RoadMaps related to it? The current included version in "wire" directory is jQuery v1.11.1 .. is it possible to use PW with Vuejs or React (I'm Talking about the core not the frond-end development)
  19. Yesterday I was hoping for something like this! Really wonderful Update Thanks a lot Mr. @ryan ===> Just wondering if i can set permissions for Individual "Pages" ??
  20. @maxf5 - I never tried (version 2) before .. if i find something helpful i will let you know
  21. Goodbye jQuery, Hello Slideshow! UIkit 3 Beta 31 released !
  22. Try to replace "get" with "find" .. get("template=news") =====> find("template=news")
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