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  1. Shouldn't it be possible to search with rootParent=/somesection/ with batcher?
  2. I would also like to see that the requirements of the password complexity could be defined without hacking the core.
  3. I have still this problem. As I wrote, I use Foundation Reveal Modal with Ajax loading: <a href='{$k->concertplace->url}' data-reveal-id='kpModal' data-reveal-ajax='true'>PLACE</a> <div id='kpModal' class='reveal-modal large' data-reveal > <a class='close-reveal-modal'>×</a> </div> In concertplace.php I have: $map->render($page, 'map') And in main.js I have: $(document).on('opened', '[data-reveal]', function () { setTimeout(function() { google.maps.event.trigger(mgmap1, 'resize'); mgmap1.map.setCenter(mgmap1.options.center); }, 350); }); The map still doesn't load properly. The other content of the Reveal Modal is ok. What should I test next?
  4. Adrian, No that is not perfect for us. We need the urls to be easy to remember. Lets have an example: We have an event called "April Event 2014" and the registration would be at http://www.eventregistration.com/register.aspx?id=2344,enter=567. I would make a redirect http://www.ourdomain.com/aprilevent2014/ -> http://www.eventregistration.com/register.aspx?id=2344,enter=567. Now I can print this http://www.ourdomain.com/aprilevent2014/ in all the ads we make for the event on print etc. And if we have many redirects for different purposes, an info field would be helpful to put info about: how long do we need this redirect, who is responsible for this etc.
  5. We use redirects for exampel for temporary addresses that redirect to temporary questionaries or registration forms for events etc. Those addresses will be used in print and have to be easy to remember even when the actual registration happens in a complex address with many attributes in the url.
  6. I would store just the reason this redirection is done, when and how long do we need it etc. Instead of keeping that kind of information in an excel-file that no one finds...
  7. Hi Antti, I would love to see one more field for this module: info-field for storing the reason for this redirect. Just a small textarea where you can write something. Could it be possible to have this?
  8. Thanks Ryan for this help. I think it would help if the API documentation would describe when I can use filter('/path/to/parent/') and when not. :-D I feel sometimes that the documentation should be more detailed and contain more examples. But the new cheatsheet seems very promising.
  9. I don't want to use pages for the concert date and place, because the user interface is more friendly with repeaters. I am still struggling with my selectors. With Ryans example in message #6 I get a PageArray with all the future events. Then I try to filter the events based on the parent with this: $events = $events->filter("parent=/path/to/parent/"); This works if I use filter("parent=4352"), where 4352 is the id of the parent in /path/to/parent/, but not with the path to the parent. How can this be possible?
  10. Thanks Soma! That is another problem that I had noticed but not tried to fix yet. My problem is still the one I wrote about in #156. The map doesn't resize and Ryan's example JS code doesn't fix it properly. Maybe it's something to do with loading the content of the Foundation Reveal Modal with Ajax.
  11. I am using the Foundation profile and it seems foundation.css has max-width: 100% for img in a few places. Why does this affect the maps? What should be used instead?
  12. Thanks Ryan, but it didn't help. The map still sometimes shows up correct but after clicking some more concerts it shows up with the same error.
  13. Thanks Teppo! I think when having the platform, why not the os version too? If you for example want to help solve some problems your users might have with your site, it might help to know which browser on what os they are using without asking. The new version doesn't show up in Modules Manager.
  14. Hi Teppo, Are you planning on adding the IP number logging some day soon? And maybe os version?
  15. Thanks, I'll try this. I think it would be nice to have some selectors for searching the pages and parents the repeaters are on. Some way to treat the repeater fields in the find() as they were normal fields of a page that have a parent.
  16. Thanks Ryan! I tried this, but can't get the map to resize. I have the code just as yours above. My map div is called mgmap1 and if I put an alert("OK"); after the setCenter line, I get that alert triggered, but the map is not resized. I'll send you a private message of the page, if you can check why my code doesn't work?
  17. Thanks Soma! I will use your example for pagination. I am not very good finding things on this forum... A new question regarding repeaters and selectors: Trying to use the find above with some fields from the actual page containing the repeater or even the parent of the page containing the repeater. $items = $pages->find("template=repeater_eventdetails, date>0, sort=date, include=all, parent=somepagename"); Is this possible or what would be the correct syntax to find the pages containing these repeaters, that have parent "somepagename"? Or is there selector like: has_parent=somepagename or getForPage=somepagename?
  18. I would really like to know if there is an easy way to enable the pagination in my code above? Or what would you suggest?
  19. Hi, I just translated the two english language files in /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldTinyMCE/tinymce-3.5.8/plugins/codemagic/langs/ and changed the names to fi_dlg.js and fi.js. Those files are attached here renamed with .txt. I think it was like when using the language code fi codemagic supposed to find files called fi.js and fi_dlg.js. fi_dlg.js.txt fi.js.txt
  20. Hi Teppo, I can click on "Compare with current" but I don't see any diff. I get this on JS console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of null I am on Mac OS X with both Safari and Chrome.
  21. I am trying to use Zurb Foundation Reveal modal dialog to show the map with some other information. I have the problem that the map is not loaded correctly, only showing part of the map in the upper left corner with gray background on the leftover part of the map. Could it be related to this problem discussed here and how could I fix this?
  22. I tried to use the following to get the pagination $events = new PageArray(); $items = $pages->find("template=repeater_eventdetails, date>0, sort=date, include=all"); foreach($items as $item) { $event = $item->getForPage(); if($item->isPublic() && !$events->has($event)) $events->add($event); } $events = $events->find("limit=10"); foreach ($events as $event) { echo $event-title; } echo renderNavigation($events); This gives me the event-titles and pagination, but when I click the next page on the pagination, the page won't change. What should I do??? Another question on this is that the rendering of the event-list on my pages is a bit slow. How should I debug the page rendering time? I would like to know if there is some problems with my pages or with the code.
  23. That problem has disappeared, but this question remains: Is there any way to get the finnish translation to codemagic without changing the core?
  24. The selection now is working nice. But how could I then enable the pagination for these events that are now in the $events array? If I try to use limit=10 in the find() above, it doesn't work, because I shouldn't limit the repeaters.
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