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  1. Yes 🙂 my misstake. i meant @adrian Things gets confusing sometimes.
  2. The image field trip up even the most seasoned developer from time to time. I almost allways have the PW API documents open in a tab when i do PW dev because you can´t keep everything in your head. It´s a great resource for all devs, and ofcourse using the TracyDebugger module by @dragan
  3. Ok perhaps, but i think its just a good practice to disclose how you solved your problem to others.
  4. It would benefit the forum if you could tell the others how you actually solved your problem instead of just leaving a message.
  5. If you are adding video via an "embed code" that you get from a video sharing site like YouTube and such then create a "textarea" field that is not using an ckeditor and has HTML filter on it. Then just paste the code in that area on the page editor. You can then output that textarea field as HTML on your site and have the embeded video play. Or if you are going to serve video from your site with video files you upload yourself, then take a look at the "files" field.
  6. Thanks to @kongondo @adrian @bernhard and @eydun That helped me with this. Following @ryan pushing a fix for this to the PW 3.0.155 dev branch i do not have to pull my hair any longer 🙂 Also @adrian for some reason TracyDebugger is not freaking out about the Console panel anymore even after i applied 3.0.155 dev update. Knock on wood...
  7. I hear you @adrian but i was not calling one.com luxury, it was more a saying that i did not have the luxury to change right now and have to work with what i got. There was no ill will towards @eydun i know "he" was trying to help.
  8. Sounds great 🙂 How do i apply it? Just download PW 3.0.155 dev? Yes @adrian i know you have been saying this and your right. But like i said before, i can´t at the moment.
  9. Hello @kongondo 1. is out. 2. I am not sure how to do this whitin PW? 3. Could i get a pointer to how i should go about this?, and why is this comma usefull for an field holding images? 4. Do you know where i should start looking in the code? In the meanwhile, guess i will have to use files fields. Thank you.
  10. Its not a long term solution but for now i am using the files field, it at least let me upload files and output them in the template. But ofcourse i have to do all my image resizing before upload. I realy wish we could find a solution to this.
  11. @adrian and @kongondo I did some checking and turns out i am running a Maria-DB for my PW install. one.com does not show me what version of Maria-DB. i also checked my config file and there i set the following locale: setlocale(LC_ALL, 'sv_SE.utf8', 'sv_SE.UTF-8', 'en_US.UTF-8', 'en_US.utf8'); So what am i doing in the meantime the Imagesfield gets updated to account for this problem? Do i have to change to English locale? I rather not have to. Thanks again.
  12. @kongondo Why does TracyDebugger talk about set_time_limit() error in the image resizer module? PHP Warning: set_time_limit(): Cannot set max execution time limit due to system policy in .../httpd.www/wire/core/ImageSizerEngine.php:1168
  13. Hello dear PW gurus. I have stumbled over a strange error that i all of sudden got when trying to upload an image to a images field on a page. There where images allready stored in the field that i wanted to keep, but during the upload the error apear and after that all images are gone from the field and i can´t upload any, i just get the error every time. I am running ProcessWire 3.0.153 dev. Update: After looking in the assets folder i find the folder for the page and the image files seems to be there including the ones i tried to upload when the error occured. But they don´t show up in the images field in the page editor. The error reported: SQLSTATE[01000]: Warning: 1265 Data truncated for column 'ratio' at row 1 And here is a screenshot of the event: The TracyDebugger Error reporting: I hope you fine folks could point me in a direction. But it seems our old pal set_time_limit() is back. Regards, EyeDentify
  14. Downloaded the update. But could you share what "ACE mode detection" means?
  15. Yes @adrian that did the trick 🙂 everything back to normal 🙂
  16. Hello @adrian I am back with another issue. This time with the Console panel and a strange behavior. For some strange reason it seems when i save a snippet all the code gets put on one single line. This is not what i wanted, i looked for some kind of setting in TracyDebugger config but can´t figure it out. I attached to screenshots showing what happens. Nr 1 is where i put my code and save it. Nr 2 is when i load the snippet and it shows up on a single line. Do you have any idea to why this happens? Image 1 Image 2 Thanks in advance.
  17. Call me crazy but i kinda like it so far. And we solved it together @adrian 🙂 thats what problems are for, to be solved. Again thank you for all the help.
  18. Hey @adrian This is incredible. I commented out that line in the FileCompiler.php file and now the Console panel in Tracy works 🙂 It´s incredible. But that means i have to update it every time there is an update i guess?
  19. If they have not disabled set_time_limit() then how are they preventing it from running?
  20. Hey @adrian I will take a look at commenting that line. I also did some investigating and when i run ini_get_all() and looked at the output and found this: [max_execution_time] => Array ( [global_value] => 50 [local_value] => 50 [access] => 7 ) Could this have anything to do with the set_time_limit(120) freaking out?
  21. Hey @adrian and Good morning, (at least it is in sweden of time of writing this). I did what you said and unchecked the "Versions List" option in TracyDebugger Configuration. The error persists i am afraid. (I only have Console panel enabled, and the error is about the "set_time_limit()" again) Can i force PW to cache the module files again with the file compiler?
  22. I will consider all options. But also it seems foolish to make any sudden moves when it over all works fine so far. It´s just the TracyDebugger thats has been acting up. Thanks again @adrian for all the help. Let us know if you make changes to the TracyDebugger module to work with our hostings. Have a nice day.
  23. Yeah i have been looking into Linode, but all the jargon and such is a bit scary. I don´t know what to pick when i only need a simply hosting solution for my own personal website and project. Also it´s the issue with making the right DNS settings and such to is it not? But if you could point me in the right direction on a Linode to a good budget choice for beginners i would be greatful. Though i have payed one.com for the year so i guess have to wait to switch again. And have used Lets Encrypt for my SSL, is that easy to use with Linode and the Control panel thing you where talking about? I know a little commandline, but it´s would be nice with a GUI for it. I thank you for all your help. I will talk with one.com and see what they say about it.
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