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  1. I've created a Slack Channel under the roof of the webDevs Slack Team. At the moment there are mostly germans. But everyone is welcome. Get an invite at http://webdevs.xyz/
  2. Yeah. We will join in at this year. I assume, we will arrive at monday noon.
  3. Short answer to your question: Yes. That's the way how it works. Everything else is well explained in the Forum post, I think.
  4. I had this problem as well and solved this by using subdomains for every project. Works fine.
  5. Great Piece. I've done something like that with textfields and FieldsetTab. But a Out of the Box Solution is quite nice. A client had requested once, a SEO traffic light, which checks different basic things like the Title, Image Description, Keyword Density, List of the actual keywords in the existing text etc. In my opinion you can achieve this as well with a small SEO cheatsheet and a bit brainpower. But on the other hand, it might be helpful for user, with less Web/Seo Knowledge. Would something like that be possible? Or is something like that already in your mind?
  6. You could do it with repeater fields also. The Repeater contains every possible fieldtype. Image (Big/Small Images), Textfield (Headline) etc. Additional you need a select-field (http://modules.processwire.com/modules/fieldtype-select/) and put all the possible inputfields as a Option into this field. Finally you have to configure the inputfields (Images, Textfield...) inside the Repeater-Field with Inputfield-Dependencies (https://processwire.com/api/selectors/inputfield-dependencies/), that they are only visible, if the option in the select-field is choosen.
  7. Did you set the charset... To slow ...
  8. Simple but therefore quite clear and easy to find every needed content. I miss the purple a bit. Not this red-purple combination. But it's the corporate color of the church and the church administration of Berlin, Brandenburg & Schlesische Oberlausitz, I think.
  9. Like it, looks good. Just a small point. The jumping of the main navigation, during the Hover state, breaks the look a bit, in my opinion. I would prefer a solution like the B-Level menu.
  10. Great Work. Nice design. Clean, simple, but not boring at all. Even it's when "just" content, I think the handling with all the data isn't done in a few minutes.
  11. I like the modularity of purecss.io. And there is no JS preinstalled, what I like even more. I've used UIKit for one project. But even this was to much rework, to achieve the wanted look. Normally I use my basic PW Profile and make everything else individual by hand. Templates makes me headaches every time, if I wants to change anything.
  12. You are right, It isn't really cheap. I looking forward and hope, it will be worth it. However I'll try to spread Processwire a bit more.
  13. Will anyone be there? 15th and 16th of September 2014... http://smashingconf.com/
  14. This looks pretty sick! I'd thought, I'm not bad with PW. But there is so much more to explore... I think I have to take a deeper look on the whole backend programming, with hooks and all the other parts. Your stuff seems to be a a nice start for that. Thanks for your idea!
  15. There was a reason, for building the menu this way. But I can't remember, why... Of course it is a lot smarter to build everything with CSS (gradients) and all the modern stuff. But for some reason I had to make it with images. I don't know if some content were changed or what else went wrong. I'll take a look on it. "Thanks" for error reporting! I couldn't find a option to deactivate the pagination, when a single image is displayed. Displaying a single image in a standard image tag is easier for me, than to change the JS... Thanks anyway for this food for thought.
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