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  1. Hi Adrian, I will try this and let you know pretty soon. The case I am going into is pretty random......which is trying to push PW lol. But thanks much though
  2. I got this mixed up...sorry guys, What I am asking here is when we use a page fieldtype in our template we are able to create a new page; can we somehow dynamically choose the location of the parent where the new page will be created? Like the diagram below |- Parent 1 (can we dynamically select the parent of the new page to Parent 1 or Parent 2?) |- Child 1 |- Child 2 |- Child 3 |- Parent 2 (can we dynamically select the parent of the new page to Parent 1 or Parent 2?) |- Child 1 |- Child 2 |- Child 3 I hope this clears out the confusion. Many thanks
  3. Hi everyone, I am wondering if we are able to change the parent of the selectable pages dynamically? potentially to the parent of the current page that is being edited? I am trying to search the forum but nothing comes up potentially because of the search breaks down each word. Thank you.
  4. peterfoeng

    Gui for git

    I prefer to use sourcetree vs github app for mac. It seems more technical while github app is way too simple I guess
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks for this discussion, I find this pinned thread really helpful I am setting up a simple shop in Processwire and I am wondering if anyone has idea how to do "Shopify product variant" but in PW style (screenshot from Shopify attach) maybe using combination of repeater / pages fieldtype. I am just wondering Thank you
  6. Hi Adrian, Module apart, what theme are you using in your screenshot?
  7. Hi guys, I wondering if $useMain is still working. I have my setup like this in the config.php $config->prependTemplateFile = 'Init.php'; /** * appendTemplateFile: PHP file in /site/templates/ that will be loaded after each page's template file * * Uncomment and edit to enable. * */ $config->appendTemplateFile = 'Default.php'; Then I set the $useMain = false; as suggested but the default is still being output, maybe I am doing something wrong in the Init.php Thanks guys
  8. Hi Soma, Thanks for this but I haven't give that a go yet. Do you mind explaining what's happening here (or if I can get a reference?): wire()->addHookProperty("Page::itemCode", null, "itemCodeHook"); Cheers
  9. Very nice! The images on the about page do not show on desktop version (running firefox 25 windows) but when I resized the window they show up
  10. Hi Soma, I am wondering if I can attach two different hooks to alter the output (my understanding of hooks is very limited at this stage)? I am trying to achieve something similar to this one http://www.abriefhistoryof.info/, the navigation on the left is the same navigation with the one on footer (bottom of the content) except that the one on the bottom has thumbnail and tags. I am thinking to use the hook to resize the thumbnail on the fly but if I do that, the navigation on the left will also output the thumbnail/tags. If there is a way I can identify the source of hook then this can be solved easily but just not sure how to do so. Cheers
  11. Hi all, Just wondering if there is a way to only specify height value or width value for this module? Thanks
  12. Hi guys, I am wondering if this small issue to "home" link happens to anyone who install the theme? I think there is a class update in the core (I could be wrong). Cheers
  13. Hi Sevarf2, Nice website I am wondering how you "setup" the pages from the admin. One small issue, sometimes the scroll is "jumping" so there are occasion where I am looking at "Cosa" section then I scrolled down it jumps right away into "Perche" section. I am running on safari 7
  14. Actually, This is not the issue...there is another smart built into the login process that somehow prevent me to login straight away after logout, am I correct? Here's what I did: login then logout then try to login again, the message popup saying: Please wait at least 60 seconds before attempting another login. This is not happening on the older version hmmm....* I might be going crazy lol *
  15. Hi Ryan, I am facing the same issue again with the latest build 2.3.8 on Safari only, it seems fine on other browsers: Chrome and Firefox. I have to put $config->sessionName = session_name(); to solve the issue on Safari. I know nothing about the underlying build is but is there any other implications by setting the session to default php session? Cheers
  16. Thank you everyone for the feedback and comments. This is a very nice framework and I hope Ryan and hero member here continues to bring surprises to further bring processwire to the next level.
  17. Hi nikola, This is a very good theme If I may suggest, the "grey" selection is a bit too subtle (almost like a white) the same goes with the border I believe. This may be a personal preference but a very good theme
  18. Hi guys, I have some beginner questions that I can't seem to find an answer (maybe I am looking for the wrong search keyword). When we delete a page, does it delete the corresponding folder asset? I have a selector in a template like the following: $pages->get($page->menu_category->id)->find("template=Menu-Item-PDF, include=all")->menu_item_pdf_exclude; which should return PageArray (asm multiselect field). How do you I find a page within this returned array? When I try to print the result of the selector above it gives me a string separated by a pipe character e.g. 1205|1206, am I expecting a PageArray here? 3. Is there a way to clone/move the whole tree? For example I have a page called "Product" and has 100 child pages, can I make a clone of of the tree structure? 4. Is created date = published date? What happens if I published and unpublished a page, will the date get updated? As always I would like to thank you in advanced for the answers to my questions
  19. Hi everyone, I just want to share the good news, we launched a new website for a cafe in Melbourne, LuxBite. This is my first processwire website after years of experience using joomla and wordpress, this is by far one of the cms I enjoyed working with. Please visit the site http://Luxbite.com.au and leave your feedback! In short, I would like to thank all the community here - the forum is extremely useful and has a lot of information. This site is built on top of The amazing SimpleNavigationMarkup module by Soma - to be honest I am lazy to do foreach to output everything so utilizing this module is the way to go there are couple of outstanding issues and design changes that I need to work on but so far so good Extras: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/food/masterchef-cake-challenge-helps-revive-a-taste-for-flavours-of-the-past/story-fneuz8wn-1226666481357
  20. Hi Adrian, Thanks for making this changes - confirmed this is working for Anyway, I am thinking and wishing if there is a support for preserving the original filename on top of what is already offered?
  21. Looks like, jQuery cannot find the reference to this $('#RenameRules .InputfieldContent:first'), that's why the button is never added to the DOM Hope this can't be fixed Cheers
  22. Hi Adrian, I am wondering if the module is missing "Add another rule button". PW version and I am using version 0.1.3 (the delete button is present though)
  23. Hi Ryan, Thanks for this. I have updated my code to follow the direction with urlSegment and works amazing - cant wait until we go live soon Cheers
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