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1.2 milions pages and still running like a charm

Raymond Geerts

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Earlier this week i noticed one of our sites (tools) had the following URL while working in the manager


Then i realized there where already more then 1.2 million pages, and processwire still running smoothly like a charm.

I just wanted to share it here, and that i'm realy happy with ProcessWire.

Thanks go to Ryan and all contributers for creating and maintaining this wonderfull piece of software!

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I thought that new Avatar was some extremist uniform until I realised it was a Viking outfit. But I showed this post to a developer friend via Skype. The conversation went like this:

Me: ProcessWire scalability (and link to thread)

Friend: Impressive - ISIS must be very pleased with their dev

Me: that's a beard !

Friend :oh, horns. obviously casual Friday


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Mainly its has pages which contain a newsletter, these are grouped by site (there are a couple of sites that have their own newsletter)

All newsletters have child pages which resemble the items in the newsletter. These vary from article, image, banner, agenda (feed), rss (feed) and twitter (feed), and such items.

Another part of the tool is sort of a scraper tool, it fetches agenda, rss and twitter feeds and stores the content as pages in the database so they can easely be fetched from and used in a newsletter item.

There is somesort of cleaning calls in the scraper page (which is called from a cron task). This removes all scraped pages that are older than a given date in the past.

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