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  1. @hellomoto yes, that will give some guidance.
  2. What do you mean by very old? Many of the later 5.x releases are now EOL or simply unsupported anymore. I haven't done much housekeeping on the plugin for a while, the original smartypants code needs a good code review..
  3. It replaces some typographic marks with better ones depending on context.
  4. Well there's quite a few things lacking if you ask me, CC, BCC, attachments, batch mode on/off. I don't know if these are mail() constraints, I never use that thing. Basic things in email protocols are left out I believe because you could hack things up with the headers method, but that's far from an obvious thing especially for beginners. I don't have much preference on adding to the WireMail class, or having a supplemental interface to implement, or else. Personally I believe the interface specification for send should not be an int, but a true-ish or a false-ish value. Many ways of sending mail don't return numbers sent, but will tell you if it went ok or not. By the very nature of email, it could take hours/days until an email is certified as being accepted by the receiving servers, and some email servers don't even return accept/decline messages. true/1…n should be correct return values for success, false/0 should also be correct for failure. It's just a matter of documenting it and using == instead of ===. It's all fun insisting on integers but if we can't realistically meet those requirements it's just for show..
  5. You could do ``` return count($this->getToRecipients()) + count($this->getCCRecipients()) + count($this->getBCCRecipients()); ```
  6. I agree but Mailgun doesn't return that info. I felt like returning true might be better since at least it's not giving you fake info. Further faking it might include counting the number of addresses in the emails array, but that feels even worse to me. For the other methods, I'd be more than happy if the interface was updated so we could standardize on things like attachments.
  7. Most probably. When you said it was referencing the fieldset I knew something else was fishy. By the way I know from the GitHub stats that a few of you use the module. Is it working as expected, do you think I should provide a default stylesheet? I'd really like some feedback on the direction to go with.
  8. Thanks Adrian, I'll look if there are other side effects and better ways to fix this one and commit something by this weekend.
  9. Also this page tracks the problem and will eventually contain patches: https://imagetragick.com
  10. Major vulnerability, doesn't seem to have a patch yet.. http://arstechnica.com/security/2016/05/easily-exploited-bug-exposes-huge-number-of-sites-to-code-execution-attacks/
  11. @tpr, what OS? I have the same intl version on my test box. It seems your build might be linking the wrong ICU (outdated) package. I just added a check in the module to test if the transliterator ID was valid on a given system. https://github.com/plauclair/WireMailMailgun/releases/tag/0.4.2 Note that I am not able to replicate your environment or the issue, so please let if know if this release corrects the issue on your end.
  12. If you run this : echo transliterator_transliterate('Any-Latin; Latin-ASCII; [\u0080-\u7fff] remove', "YOUR TAG HERE"); in PHP in interactive mode on your host, (php -a .. then type in commands), what's the output, and what was the exact input for "your tag here". Also do your setup satisfy both requirements >> PHP >= 5.4.0, PECL int >= 2.0.0? It's weird that it would give out an error since it succeeds checking the function exists. Also anything comes up in Logs > Mailgun ?
  13. Hmm, I'm not sure to be honest! I think once you instantiate the WireMail class it will automatically call the installed module. Maybe Ryan has an idea on this..
  14. Absolutely not. https://github.com/plauclair/WireMailMailgun#usage https://github.com/plauclair/WireMailMailgun/blob/master/WireMailMailgun.module#L33
  15. The module will never use the MTA, it's pure cURL. Sounds like you have another email module enabled at the same time.
  16. Hmm hard to say, but do you see any error message either on the module's log or on Mailgun itself? What are your current options set to? Also are your SPF and DKIM set?
  17. By the way I believe MySQL 5.7 has a JSON format that can be queried, probably wouldn't be too hard to build a field type around it.
  18. As long as you have space left in your records you should be able to have any number of SPF records on a domain.
  19. Well you don't really need to have specific email domains unless you expect to have incoming emails through Mailgun. If your main domain has MX records you can just have SPF and DKIM in your TXT entries. You just need to make sure your outgoing email uses the same domain as the one which is set in your email's "from". When on gmail/gapps with a custom domain for example, it's good to test reception on another domain since Google doesn't like being sent email to an email address "owned" by its own servers but not originating from it and will usually display the originating server as a security measure. It won't generally show on addresses on other domains. The reason it is that way is to prevent address spoofing, since the way email is architected, you can send any email from any server using any email address and nobody would know. As you understand that could have pretty bad consequences in different scenarios, which is why Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) exist. It might feel annoying and troublesome but in reality it's just good practice. Email is complicated.
  20. My pleasure! The sent by line usually shows when your DKIM / SPF isn't set, make sure you do.
  21. I'll have to look into Mailgun's webhooks API, and see if it's possible to get incoming notices from this. The stats sometimes take some time to update, but never really long. If you really want to see what's going on, the Logs tab on Mailgun is much more efficient and is pretty much instant. I would really recommend that you do set your SPF and DKIM, as there are a bunch of penalties on accounts who don't.. https://documentation.mailgun.com/quickstart-sending.html#verify-your-domain
  22. @Peter Knight are you seeing anything in the Mailgun logs in your PW admin panel? Edit: If you can, could you post a pastebin of your /site/assets/logs/mailgun.txt. Either here or send me a PM.
  23. I would really appreciate someone testing this on 3.0 and report how it's working, I don't have much time to test this out right now. Please report on GitHub preferably https://github.com/plauclair/WireMailMailgun/issues/4
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