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Printing page in browser shows URLs next to links


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I've been trying to find the reason why when I print a page on my ProcessWire website, that the page appears to have URLs that appear next to links in the entire page.

For example, here is a link on the website I built:


When you print the page in Chrome for example, every link on the page has a relative URL next to it with parenthesis. See attached image.

I'm running ProcessWire 2.5.3. Is this something that was added recently to ProcessWire, and is there a way to turn the URLs that appear off?

I also found it on another ProcessWire website - http://www.craftedbyspark.com/ - so I know its not just me.


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Hi, and welcome to the forums! :)

That isn't something ProcessWire would do, as PW leaves the design of your site to you.

You more than likely have a print stylesheet somewhere that is making the links show... That's the only explanation.

Edit: I've scoured your code, and it appears that you have a stylesheet containing the following:

a[href]:after{content:" (" attr(href) ")"}

That's the culprit. As you're using AIOM, I can't tell which file it is...

Edit: It appears that Foundation is doing this (I think Bootstrap does too - or it used to.)

You can override it like this:

@media print {
  a[href]:after {
    content: none !important;
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I had this setting randomly pop up and I'm trying to find it!!! It was a check box that said "Show URL direction" .. IDK if it was in Firefox, in Chrome, or on my Printer or in a web browser.. an EXE on my computer... I just can't remember.. But all it was was a check box somewhere and NOW IT HAS DISAPPEARED .

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