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redirect url field for breadcrumbs


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The following code snippet is part of my markup simple navigation and the url_redirect (url field in the backend) just works fine when I put an special custom url into the url_redirect field.

            $nav = $modules->get("MarkupSimpleNavigation");
            // topnav
            $current = $page->rootParent(); // current root page
            // subnav
            echo $nav->render(array(
                'max_levels' => 2,
                'item_tpl' => '<h4><a class="g8-bar-item g8-hover-black" href="{url_redirect|url}">{title}</a></h4><hr class="sidenav">',
                'collapsed' => true,
              ), $page, $current);

 In my seperated breadcrumb navigation I use the following code snippet

                                  foreach($page->parents()->append($page) as $parent) {
                                      echo "<li><a href='{$parent->url_redirect|url}'>{$parent->title}</a></li>";

Now to the problem: In my first code snippet above the


works just fine but when I try something similiar in the second code snippet


I produce an server error How do I have to change the second code snippet so that it works in the correct way as the first code snippet does?

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The first one is template syntax, the second one plain PHP.

echo "<li><a href='{$parent->get('url_redirect|url')}'>{$parent->title}</a></li>";
// or:
echo "<li><a href='" . $parent->get('url_redirect|url') . ">{$parent->title}</a></li>";


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35 minutes ago, stanoliver said:

if php was not such an awful language

no it isn't. What makes you say that?

Perhaps you should spend some time "learning the ropes" instead, before declaring an entire decades-long tried and tested scripting language as "awful".

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@draganWell, I did not say that php is worthless because is one of the most used programming languages out there and it runs in a simple shared host enviroment.

Have a look at the elegance of languages like elixir, julia, ruby or even pyton then you will know why I consider php a mess. Php is the same mess as javascript  even when both languages are used heavily.

If python, julia or elixir would run in simple shared host enviroments for a 3-4 Euros a month then there would be no need for php anymore.

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A Ferrari 360 is way more elegant than a VW Golf V but still... you can't move more than 4 boxes (4x 12 bottles) of beer with it.

So... if you feel fancy, you can pay for it - as in hosting prices. Actually Python is supported pretty good in most of the hosting environments I know. And compared to cars it's kind of a Porsche Cayenne and you can move 10 boxes of beer with it and still can go 230km/h if you wanted to.

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