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  1. Ah thank you. It's something that Twitter Bootstrap 3.3 puts in the print CSS in case anyone else wonders where to change the css.
  2. I've been trying to find the reason why when I print a page on my ProcessWire website, that the page appears to have URLs that appear next to links in the entire page. For example, here is a link on the website I built: http://thechapel.com/sermons/easter-2015/easter/ When you print the page in Chrome for example, every link on the page has a relative URL next to it with parenthesis. See attached image. I'm running ProcessWire 2.5.3. Is this something that was added recently to ProcessWire, and is there a way to turn the URLs that appear off? I also found it on another ProcessWire website - http://www.craftedbyspark.com/ - so I know its not just me.
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