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manually sorting pages

Marco Angeli

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Hi there,

I know this topic isn't new but I can't find a valid solution.

I'd like to reorder manually my subpages via drag and drop, but it doesn't work.

Here's my code:


			$works = $pages->find("template=visit-detail, limit=10");
			foreach($works as $w) {



			echo "<div class='col-lg-6 col-md-6 col-sm-6 '>
			<div class='port-item'>
				<a href='{$w->url}'>
				<div class='primary-photo'>
					<img src='{$w->slide_images->eq(0)->getThumb('visite-thumb')}' alt='Itineraria'>


					$pagination = $works->renderPager();
					echo $pagination;


I'm aware that there was a problem with MySQL version, but hostgator currently uses 5.5.23 or higher.

It seems I can only order pages via "sort=-created", do you have any advice?


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I sorted pages manually in the backend, but why the backend doesn't use the manual order? Frontend is solved by 


But if additional sorting is needed backend sort ordner sort=sort would be better?

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