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Change behaviour of the PageNameURL generator for German umlaute

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while setting up my first ProcessWire site, I ended up with a very specific problem: The PageNameURL does not consider German umlaute when using the page title to generate the page's URL name.

In written German, ae, oe, ue and ss serve as substitutes for the umlaute (mutated vowels) ä, ö, ü and ß, if the actual umlaut cannot be used. As far as I know this is a specific German thing, since other languages use the regular o instead of ø or a instead of å.

So here's what happens, if I put some German words in the page title:

Page Title: Falsches Üben von Xylophonmusik quält jeden größeren Zwerg.

Generated Page URL: falsches-uben-von-xylophonmusik-qualt-jeden-gro-eren-zwerg

(correct form: falsches-ueben-von-xylophonmusik-quaelt-jeden-groesseren-zwerg)


Since I'm quite new to ProcessWire, I can't figure out where to change the PageNameURL generator's behaviour. I guess two changes will need to be done, one for JavaScript and one in the PHP scripts.

Thanks a lot!


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Great, thank you very much for your help, WillyC and horst! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you for the instructions.

I would like to see the correct entries for German umlaute as a standard for German language installations of ProcessWire (though it might be difficult since it's not in the language files). Is there a wishlist?


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The third forum down is literally called wishlist :P

It has been suggested before to make add the German umlauts as defaults, which won’t happen because plenty other languages use ä, ö, ü, and they use the normal trema-less characters instead of the German -e combinations. Not sure why ß isn’t in there, though.

Well, that was too easy... Must have read "wishlist" several times when scrolling the forums, but just didn't realise...

I understand that there's a letter ä in several languages (earlier this day Wikipedia blew my mind when I checked how many alphabets are using it). That's why I thought of setting a rule only for those installations using the German language files. But that is too difficult to integrate, I suppose.

Thanks, Martijn, for suggesting the ß-ss-thing!

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