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Will Brackets and Atom give Sublime serious competition?


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In brackets?

You switch on live preview on the file and it opens up chrome (has to be chrome for the moment) and then as you type in the code it updates the page in front of your eyes. Same with editing css and so on. So it is not refreshing, but pushing the update continuously.

Quite fun! :)

I believe i have just made something similar in sublime text ... i have installed auto-save plugin and opened live preview in prepros

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I only tested Atom very briefly and some time ago, and I don't think I have given Brackets more than a short glance. At first sight, they look and feel very much as if they're trying to be “the better Sublime Text” without really offering (for me, which is totally subjective) any benefit. Instead, I'd have to go through the hassle of configuring a new editor to my liking, which is something ST (again, for me; very subjective) was really good at. My ST config is basically non-existent, I pretty much use it the way it comes. Also, there's modules/plugins – I use only a handful in ST, and I'd have to check if something similar exists for Atom or Brackets.

Bottom line: if you're working with code every day, switching editors is similar to replacing an arm or something. (I sometimes still catch myself using keyboard shortcuts I used in Emacs for about 10 years on Linux.) Despite the (true) facts that ST development is kind of slow and the developer is not very transparent about development, any new editor would still (once again, for me) have to offer really convincing new features to get me to even think about switching.

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A bit off the topic, but I had to say something :)

ftp, sftp, rsync, git.. Whatever, deployment is as easy simple as we make it. This article kept me cool: http://lesjames.com/deployment/

Btw: Currently, I use gulp, git, hooks (and maybe flightplan in near future) to deliver my stuff.

PS: I tried both them all. Notepad, dreamweaver, nvu, pspad, notepad++, bbedit, aptana, netbeans, eclipse,

textmate, scriptly, coda, atom, brackets... (Sorted by first use)

I'll stay with sublime text...

Atom looks pretty neat, but it feels like an early bird, at midnight. And brackets, yeah, it's a toy (today), nothing for productivity, sorry adobe...

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hi guys,

just gave the forum a quick search about ATOM.io and landed on this thread. i tested atom the last days (coming from sublime) and i'm quite happy so far. it feels a little slower sometimes but there are great plugins (like used from sublime) and the new github integration is awesome!!

you should definitely check that out (little screencast-like demo website, just click on "resolve conflicts" for example): https://github.atom.io/

this one gives also a quick overview (like many other):


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