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  1. Hi! I want to start using Version Control during site development with PW, but I'm not sure how to do this, especially regarding the changes that don't happen in the filesystem but in the database. Any Recommendations?
  2. Yes, I also tried putting bower_components (for pre-packaged elements) and an additional folder for custom elements into the site folder. This worked out fine - however I can't quite shake the feeling that bower_components really belongs in site/templates. Also, apparently AIOM doesn't traverse out of site/templates by default, because of security reasons. So, the reasoning behind the RewriteCond in question would be really helpful to know
  3. Hi I am currently experimenting with Google Polymer / Web Components, which relies on html-imports. I noticed that Processwire's .htaccess blocks access to .html files in the template folder. # Block access to any PHP or markup files in /site/templates/ RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (^|/)(site|site-[^/]+)/templates($|/|/.*\.(php|html?|tpl|inc))$ [OR] Is it safe to reallow access to .html-files in "/templates"? Or maybe just to a specific subfolder, like "templates/html-imports/*.html"?
  4. Osorio

    vs Drupal 8

    Yep, OP was referring specifically to D8 I tried D7 soon after its release, wasn't too thrilled by the experience (Found the theming experience appaling) However the changes introduced with D8 seem to be pretty massive, and cover some really interesting stuff - especially the adoption of a php-framework and the support for webservices. I suppose I'll just have to try it and see for myself ^^
  5. I made the switch to Atom whithout having been too invested into Sublime. The difference in Speed is unfortunate, but imho far outweighed by Atoms opensourciness and hackability
  6. Osorio

    vs Drupal 8

    Hi! Has anyone tried the Drupal 8 beta yet, and can compare it to PW? I was pretty much set on using PW for an upcoming project (A magazine website, lots of content with lots of interesting ways to connect it), but D8 doesn't sound so bad either, especially regarding RESTful Web Services and the possibility of adding a shopsystem (I gather that both are possible in PW, but more on a DIY basis? ^^) However I personally really like PW, so if someone could point me to good (defendable) reasons to choose it over D8, it would be much appreciated
  7. So, two seperate editions of PW, you have to choose one and can trade with people who installed the other edition if you want to use all the fieldtypes? Sounds like fun
  8. I second that - sendy is great, and increadibly cost-efficient (when used with SES) if you're dealing with large volumes
  9. Somehow I don't like the way they insult the entirety of existing forum software ("it sucks") in the second sentence of a rather unprofessional kickstarter-video Which is a shame, because i really like Laravel, and the whole API-thing ^^
  10. Osorio

    Muesli Café

    Great site for a special project I really like the video and the lettering.js stuff you did to the menu. But the link to the campaign still doesn't seem to be there?
  11. Ah, I understand. One thing i personally like to do when i know that background-images of questionable resolution will be involved, is applying a certain amount of blur via css - which also helps keeping the attention on the main content
  12. The background-images seem to have a rather low resolution - is this intentional?
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