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Found 4 results

  1. AndZyk

    Gallery Claeys

    Gallery Claeys is a art gallery in Freiburg, Germany, with focus on exhibitions of female artists. Our agency designconcepts developed a website that features the latest exhibitions of the gallery as well as an archive of previous exhibitions. Every artist has its own page with an excerpt of their works and a vita of the artist. The website was build with help of the framework UIkit and Barba.js for smooth transitions between pages. www.galerie-claeys.de Features: Exhibitions Page transitions Exhibitions On the homepage you can find a preview of upcoming or current exhibitions as well as an archive of previous exhibitions. Based on the date the exhibitions get automatically sorted in one of the three categories (preview, current or archive). Each category has its own deep-link with URL segment. Page transitions The smooth fading page transitions are made with Barba.js. Modules used: Front-End Page Editor Markup Sitemap XML ProCache Tracy Debugger Upgrades Regards, Andreas
  2. I have just delivered this website: Into Nature (Dutch only), about an 'Art expedition' through the province of Drenthe, in The Netherlands. I built the site for Vandejong. The site is made using two distinct parts/techniques: Processwire for the back-end (through a RESTful json api) and the front-end is built on Ember.js. This is my third large site built this way, and the first I am completely happy about. A page called 'API' is the main interface between the two: it uses urlSegments and parses the content from the PW pages into Ember-friendly JSON data. As Ember is very strict (heavily based on the Convention over Configuration concept), and Processwire is extremely versatile, the way Ember requires its data dictates the way I shaped the API. Both @clsource's REST-helper and ProCache are used to format and cache the API responses, making the API very responsive. Something that was initially hard to wrap my head around was how to deal with the site's routing/pagetree. While Google now indexes modern 'single-page' web applications, for instance Facebook still scrapes their opengraph from the raw HTML pages. I dealt with this by giving the Ember app and the PW page-tree use the exact same routes / pages. Every Processwire page is a valid starting point for the Ember app, while also including the scrapeable meta tags belonging to that exact URL. As a result, the whole thing is nicely CURL-able and bot-friendly.
  3. Just finished this site for artist Natasha Jade: www.artbynatashajade.com It's quite a flexible portfolio site and I would be interested in sharing the PW profile if anyone was looking to make a similar site, just get in contact with me. Thanks
  4. Just launched the official website for zürich transit maritim today (just right for the press conference). Responsive (ZURB Foundation) new site for Swiss art intervention in public space. Probably the most talked about art happening 2014 in Zürich, Switzerland, and beyond. Feature excerpt: (most features will be activated / revealed later on) Bilingual (german + english) setup - with PW 2.3.8 (atm only german content available) Image gallery slideshow + galleries Download section for journalists Blog Live webcam Basic e-shop w/Paypal Google-Maps Google Drive Form I had to remove certain stuff in the last minute (e.g. showing random quotes). Now it visually looks a bit bland on pages that don't contain a left navigation. But I was too busy to create another template or change the existing ones 5 minutes before launch (expand grid for main content etc.) (I googled just now for an article in english - guess the international media will cover the story later this year only, or later this week)
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