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AdminThemeModesta - New modest admin theme


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Hey horst,

thanks for catching that up! I'll fix it... It's hard sometimes to spot every bug when you change something in the css (because you have to check it throughout the system...).

Now I'm going to prepare for today's football match against Mexico (I hope we'll go to the second round :))

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Hi Nikola,

Thanks for all your work on this. Ergo was by far my favourite admin theme so far (although I removed the sidebar on my installations)

Something much more clean and modern than the classic rounded corners and multi colours of other themes (though I appreciate that is probably a personal preference).

I'm also excited to see the start of configuration options for admin themes. Early days but there may come a time when we can take greater control of the backend layout. 

Also, I'm in awe of anyone taming jQuery UI CSS - I'm currently trying to create a theme and it's an ABSOLUTE PIG :P

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Hi Nikola,

some small style improvements. Be aware, all found in the dev (PW and theme).

Under languages the file-size is only visible at hover (intended?). css:

#content .container > form p {
    color: #2a3037; /* dark grey */


when "no element is viewable" text is nearly invisible. See screenshot (text marked with mouse).

<div class="container">
<p>Derzeit keine Elemente zum anzeigen.</p>

/* css */
body {
    color: #f4f6f8; /* light grey */


under modules/new the box around module class name is grey. Same under fields/input/visibility. See difference in screenshots.


BTW: what about the style of TinyMCE? Is it possible to include RTE styling in the theme?

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The problem with theme switching indeed exists on latest dev versions, I'm also using PW for production in Windows environment and in 2.4.0 switching is working fine.

I'll check every suggestion and posted question when I get home from holiday (tommorow) because I don't have my working computer with me...

the problem with theme switching seems to be fixed in dev 2.4.6. It works like expected.

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Okay, I really like this admin theme - but it doesn't seem to be fully compatible with the latest stable (2.5.2, as of this writing - more interested in the 2.5.1 changes, though).

Process Modules can now have custom navigation, which doesn't work in Modesta.

Any news as to when we'll get an update?

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@nikola - great, can't wait! :) Loving the theme so much, that I made a custom admin bar for the front-end of a site that I'm building at the moment. Gives it an 'embedded' feel, which I think is quite cool.

Also made a patch on my installation that changes the buttons for the page tree. It's really irritating that the height of each item grows when you open it... It's not thorough though, as it makes the item count lower when the item is open - I'll find a way though...

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