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Processwire Meetup in Switzerland

Michael Murphy

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Inspired by apesia recent post about a meetup in Finland, I thought I would see if there is any interest in having a PW meetup in Switzerland.

This will just be a casual meetup to talk about experiences with Processwire and ideas for the future. Open to having micro talks if anyone is interested - possible topics could be about best practices or case studies of projects you have worked on.
Have a few possibilities for locations to meet in Basel depending on the amount of people interested. 
Also open to moving to other cities nearby like Bern or Zurich if there is demand.
Have setup a Doodle to get an idea of possible dates - thinking sometime in March (not during the Basel Fasnacht carnival!). Please vote on the Doodle if any of these dates work :
Please leave a comment or send me a personal message if you have ideas or suggestions.
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Yeah sure it's an "old" thread... I created it. Whatever that means :) Maybe could've pick it up instead of creating new one ;)

It was also to see if any interest and I hadn't time to look for something to organize. 

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Sorry Soma, I remember the thread - I even subscribed to it. You are right, lets continue on that thread as there will be people who may have subscribed to it for updates.

You can close or lock this one.

This conversation will continue shortly over here -> http://processwire.com/talk/topic/2577-processwire-conference-switzerland-central-europe/

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