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PW 3.0.221 – Core updates


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I was in New Orleans at the gymnastics Nationals most of this week. In her age group and level, my 10-year old daughter won 4th overall and 3rd on bars and beam. After a long drive, we're now back home in Atlanta and it's been a very short work week, but there's still a new dev branch version to write about. ProcessWire 3.0.221 continues primarily with minor issue fixes, working towards our next main/master version. Included are 11 resolved issues, 2 PRs, and code contributions from @matjazp and @dotnetic

In terms of new features, this version updates the language translating _n() function to support languages that consider 0 quantities as singular rather than plural in calls like _n('%d item', '%d items', $quantity); Previously this call has always used the plural "items" version for 0 quantities (i.e. "0 items"), which is correct in English, but may not be in other languages like French (as I've learned from issue #1757, though I think it has come up once before too).

To define whether a language should consider 0 quantities plural or singular, use ProcessWire's language translation tool: Setup > Languages > [any language] > Find files to translate > wire/modules/LanguageSupport/LanguageTranslator.php ... when translating that file, you'll see the setting at the top labeled "Is zero (0) plural or singular?": 


That screenshot above also shows another new feature that was added, which is the ability to use Select and Radios fields when defining translatable text. Previously you could only use text, textarea and number fields. Let's say you wanted to have the person translating choose a color name for the language as part of the translation:

$color = __('Red'); // What color? type=radios options=[Red, Green, Blue]

As before, the "What color?" part is an optional description for the translatable text. Also as before, the "type=..." defines what Inputfield type to use. The supported values are any Inputfield name (minus the "Inputfield" part). Known to work values for this include: text, textarea, integer, float, radios and select. The "options=[...]" is the newly added part, and this enables you to define the selectable options for select or radios inputs. If you wanted to use separate value and label, you can also do that. In the example below, city abbreviations are used for the values and full city names as the labels:

$city = __('ATL'); // What city? type=radios options=[ATL:Atlanta, CHI=Chicago, NYC:New York City]

Another example is the one we used in the core for plural vs. singular here. By the way, if any of your values or labels need a literal comma, you can optionally use a pipe "|" as the separator rather than a comma. This ability to use Select and Radios is a fairly minor addition, but does open up better support for having certain language settings (rather than just translatable text) be part of language translation packs going forward. The plural vs singular setting for 0 seemed like a good first one to support with this. Next week we'll continue preparing our next main/master version. Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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