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[update] - PayPal Commerce Platform

Marco Ro

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Hi guys!
I'm a bit anxious because this is the first module I present! (beta modulo) But I will finally be able to share something with the community too! :)

This is a BETA version of the PayPal payment system called: PayPal Commerce Platform.
It is an advanced system (Business Pro account is needed) that brings various benefits in terms of fees and above all integrates direct payment with credit/debit cards. 

The module integrates with Padloper 0.0.2, which is the current installation I'm using.
This system integrates the classic PayPal buy button, the alternative or local payment method and the new payment system: credit/debit cards that doesn't go through the PayPal account. It is a Stripe-style payment, it connects directly with the bank and integrates 3D security validation.

I say that it is a BETA because this module currently only works with Sandbox account, to put it live you need to change API url manually (manually for the moment).

Because this module is not ready for live:
I would like to have your opinion on how I built the module (is the first one I do). I don't want to share something that is not fish but I need a comparison with someone more experienced than me, for be sure that this is the best way to code the module.

If you want to try this I created a git, you will find all the instructions for installation and correct operation. (Git has a MIT licensed)

I hope I did something that you guys can like :)


I have been testing the form for several days and everything is working fine.
Each order enters correctly, so I have updated the repo with the latest changes and I can confirm that this version is ready for live!

I have updated the repo:

  • Added error message + popup
  • Fixed some bugs related to multilingual
  • Updated the switch for checking the responses of the 3D security system
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