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Not sure why but it always shows me two qrcodes (images -> gif) next to each other on the page. Can't see the problem in my code. Any ideas? 

I have a select-options field with option to show the qr-code or not. If selected It always shows two qr-codes. This happened after the upgrade of the module actualy it was working fine before!!

My code

<?php if ($item->id == '3') : ?>
	<div class="qrkoda"><?=$page->qr_koda?></div>
<?php else:?><?php endif;?>

Thank you



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After doing a quick check I assume that was it (multilang issue).

Here's a new version that will only output the QR Code in the user's language if it's a guest. Please note you'll still have the two QR Codes if you're logged in.

I will think of something to help with the output, something like a ->get() to output a specific source and/or language.

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Hi @Sava, I'm not sure I get your question... do you want to know how to get a URL of the QR code to be able to download it ?

In the unformatted output the QR code is already in the form of an <img> (or <svg>), but I went ahead and added a "raw" key in the unformatted output. You can download the latest version and try to do something like...

$qrcode = $page->getUnformatted("qrcode_field");
foreach($qrcode as $qr) {
	$filename = $sanitizer->snakeCase($qr["label"]);
	$label = "Download QR code for \"{$qr["label"]}\"";
	echo "<a href=\"{$qr["raw"]}\" target=\"_blank\" download=\"$filename\">$label</a>";

Hope this helps!

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