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Using tabs (WireTabs) in a module config

Robin S

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1 hour ago, MarkE said:

InputfieldWrapper is not a module AFAIK - at least in my v 3.0.165

InputfieldWrapper extends Inputfield which implements Module.


Do you get an error or something when you install this example module?

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49 minutes ago, netcarver said:

This requires a more recent version of PW than 3.0.165 - I'm currently using 3.0.182.

Ta. The site is on 3.0.165. @Robin S's module is on 170. Hopefully a new core is out soon and I will move to that.

However, I am using this in my ProcessDbMigrate module (full alpha release shortly.... 😁) and I have tried to make that compatible with 3.0.148 (even pre page class days). I'm not sure what the best policy is regarding the backwards compatibility of new modules.

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For the benefit of anyone else wanting their module to be comptible with earlier versions of PW, I suggest you use: 

$tab1 = $this->wire(new InputfieldWrapper());


$tab1 = $modules->get('InputfieldWrapper');

Also, do not use plain $tab1 = new InputfieldWrapper(); as the column widths of the contained inputfields will not work properly. Per the PW coding style guide:


All newly-created objects that are derived from Wire SHOULD have their dependencies injected. In order to do this, pass the new object through the wire() method.


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