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Rewrite jQuery in vanilla js


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Hello! There was a need to rewrite the code written with jquery into vanilla js. I have little js code on my site and I see no reason to include a library such as jquery ?

$('.progress-wrap .dot').on('click', function () {
	let $this = $(this)
	let stepValue = $this.attr('data-step')

	$this.closest('.progress-wrap').find('.bar').css('width', stepValue + '%')
	$this.addClass('is-active is-current')


	if (stepValue === '0') {
		$('#signup-panel-1, #step-title-1').addClass('is-active')
	} else if (stepValue === '25') {
		$('#signup-panel-2, #step-title-2').addClass('is-active')
	} else if (stepValue === '50') {
		$('#signup-panel-3, #step-title-3').addClass('is-active')
	} else if (stepValue === '75') {
		$('#signup-panel-4, #step-title-4').addClass('is-active')
	} else if (stepValue === '100') {
		$('#signup-panel-5, #step-title-5').addClass('is-active')


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